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From Spring Street, it was a fall of maybe two stories, plus however high the jump from Spring was.

Spring is a bridge here, over part of the parking lot and the loading dock area, and somebody jumped.

Street people once lived under ripstop and cardboard on the next bridge over, maybe one of them.

It is probable that one can't be sure of death on impact falling just two stories from this bridge.

Was there more to the news?  It was going to take a half hour to clear the emergency.

A homeless person, no fixed address, and many other broken things as well.

Fall or jump from Spring this week and physically personify the time change coming up next week.

Of this incident there is no news today in any emails, and traffic in the loading dock area is normal.

Maybe someone will find out what happened to the jumper and send an email around.

Two legs broken, same for the arms, the email might say, but it is probably worse than that.

Stories are easy to hear and tell even without knowing the ending from a reliable source.

Plus, the email said "homeless person jumped" and so an end in hospital or death is easily predicted.

However it turned out, people are still talking about the jump and fall right here at work.

High buildings everywhere, even a river somewhere sluggish around, and this parking lot was chosen.

The decision-making process was maybe clouded, the mind higher above the pavement than Spring.

Jump higher for more certainty, or was it be more certain and thus achieve greater height.

From above, it must have looked a great drop, from rush hour cars to parked federal employee cars.

Spring Street is dangerous enough without jumping off it, unless there was another point to be made.

Was any other point made?  March continues without another email, and no such point is revealed.