Islam and Greetings!  Welcome to the Moorish Astrological Research Sharika, or M.A.R.S.  We specialize in Moor-centered astrology.   This forum is for the gathering of like minds striving to restore and apply this most ancient science of our fore-mothers and fore-fathers.

All proceeds from these endeavor go to fund the operations of the Califa Media.

Standard 8.5 x 11

Our Basic 8.5" x 11" chart is computer generated and includes aspects, interception graph, as well as midheaven and nodal information.
  • Birth time recorded in Hijri lexicon, reflecting our Moorish and Islamic heritage.  
  • Birth location recorded in latitude and longitude until such time as we re-establish the original names of those places.
    • Some original place names currently available. 

Personal Poster
Our hand drawn charts are one-of-a-kind heirloom quality.
Our extra large 17" x 22" poster-size version is suitable for framing and display.

Our charts are ideal for use in deciding favorable days to act, build, invest and selecting business and marriage partners.  Please be sure to leave us a note when making your purchase informing us whether your chart was previously compiled by Califa M.A.R.S.  If yes, please leave "Birth Date" fields blank as applies.

Tarot Readings:

Astaroth's Sigil

A diagram of the human soul can be seen in Astaroth’s Sigil. The two bars on each side are the pillars of positive and negative energy on each side of the human soul; the black and white of yin and yang and the checkerboard; the glyph for Venus symbolizing the heart chakra, the powerhouse of the soul.  
The five points of Astaroth’s Sigil represent five elements: fire, earth, air, water, and quintessence (ether) invoked into the three all-important knots of the soul. This symbolism aslo relates to the Tarot, as seen in the term itself—AsTAROTh—which was taken from its Ancient Egyptian origins and hideously corrupted into the Jewish "Torah" or "Pentateuch" and "Five Books of Moses..." 

From "For the New Moors: A Draw."  by Bro. Kevin Jackson El.  Free at Califa Media.
Fortune tellers have long been depicted wearing Moorish turbans, and not by mere coincidence or slavery to fashion.  According to ancient Khemetian science, before his decent into worship of the lower self, man was able to interact with this earthly realm through not five, but 360 senses!!  Tarot is one means of flexing one of those dormant senses--that of intuition.  While one will be able to easily locate many who can tap into "spirit," few if any can tap into the soul-level of this practice as said practice is not theirs...such as being able to tie an obi sash on a kimono.  If you are not Japanese, you will never, ever be able to ascertain the deeper, more significant meanings of this practice.

M.A.R.S. offers tarot readings by Sister Tauheedah Najee-Ullah El, a Moorish-American Sheikess raised in Islam.  Her unique perspective lends a more authentic interpretation of tarot as practiced by it's creators.
If you wish to receive a reading, please submit your donation below along with one question for Sis. Najee-Ullah El to answer.  A video reply will be sent back to you that will include a tarot reading as well as prevailing astrological influences.