Califa L.A.W.

"I brought you everything it takes to save a nation, now take it, and save yourself." ~ Prophet Noble Drew Ali.

Law is religion, and religion is law. 
Law governs all. 
When Jesus spoke to his accusers, he justified his statements using law--ecclesiastic and secular.

So, why is it so few us actually study and apply the law?  Rather than endure the loss of yet another generation, another resource, another natural right, the Moors of Califa have united to form a Legal Asylum Project (L.A.P.) operating as Legal Asylum Watch / Ward (L.A.W.) to address the unique legal issues faced by the Moors of America.  

Law: A statement of fact, based on observation, wherein a particular event always occurs when certain conditions are preset.  That which is unchangeable and cannot be escaped.
Legal: Man-made statutes, ordinances, and or codes unique to a region or culture usually based in natural or common law.  Subject to legislation or voter referendum.
Asylum: Any secure retreat.  An institution for the maintenance of persons requiring specialized assistance.
Project:  To put forward effecting a noticeable change in a situation; A collaborative enterprise carefully designed to achieve a specific aim
Watch:  1) To keep guard; to stand as sentinel; to be on guard at night , in the preservation of peace and good order.  2)A body of constables on duty on any particular night.
Ward:   1) Guarding; care; charge; as the ward of a castle.  2)To keep guard during the day.

Califa L.A.W. works to render services to the Moorish American community too costly --in time and resources-- to the occupiers of our land to continue to use us as their main source of finance in their legal system.  Using the laws set forth in the Constitution for the united states of America, the Holy Koran of the M.S.T. of A., the Holy Quran of Mecca, and the Holy Bible, we have been able to slow, and in increasing instances, stop the subjugation of the Moors in their own homeland.
A few of our success stories include: 
  • Appeal over-turning termination of parenting rights.
  • Modification (lowering) of a child support order and disposal of $20K  arrears.
  • Removal/ judicial disqualification of sitting judge for cause.
  • Early release form probation.
  • Anger-management compliance certification.
Legal Digestion
Prices are hourly unless otherwise stated.

 Correspondence & Statements
Forms   Petitions    Motions     Research Proofing
 Assistance with drafting Assistance with completion  Assistance with drafting Federal & State Civil, Domestic, Traffic
  Federal & State Statute, Tax, Causes of ActionEnsure your documents comply with rules of procedure and evidence.  Revisions  and/ or adtl. research invoiced @ hourly rate

Federal Civil Assistance
Item  Description
 Removal under 28 U.S.C. 1144. This assistance is only available if:
  •  You are the respondent or defendant.
  • No appearance has been filed in the State Court.
  • The time to file a response to the summons has not passed.
Includes Notice of Removal, Notice of Notice of Removal, and Proof of Service.  Civil Cover Sheet and other filing forms additional.
Consult required to determine best course of action(s) .
Email for appointment
Federal Civil Filing and other Services
Includes drafting of federal suit and assistance with selection of cause(s) of action. 
Califa L.A.W. assistance is formatted for use by Moorish Americans only.  Others, please consult an attorney for assistance.

We have as participants in our project Moors who have felt the fire and through the guidance of Allah and his prophets, were shown a way out.  Remembering the consequences of failure to do so in the past, we've gathered a short list of items we have had success with, willing you will have the same success.    Through continued growth of this collaborative effort, the battel will be won.

We offer prompt attention to all matters pertaining to the maintenance of our peoples' rights and the restraint of those who seek to violate them.  Insh'Allah we will link the items to the educational and sometimes entertaining stories of success.