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"If you want perfect crowns, gorgeous cosmetic dentistry and dental implants which won't go sideways, you will get the quality you deserve for your money with Board Certified Dentists Internationale."   - Luxury Avenue Magazine (London Daily News pub.)

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"Mexico has some great dentists who can save you a small fortune on major treatments. One is Board Certified Dentist Dr. Guillermo Limon. Don't be surprised to find celebs from Mexico and the US waiting in his Cabo salon."

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"Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association, perhaps the world's oldest dental travel assistance association, now offers top board certified dentists around the world via their new entity Board Certified Dentists Internationale'.   Dental Tourism patients would do well to contact them.  Besides free estimates, referrals and 2nd opinions they have a Dentist Credentials Check service to help you avoid the pretenders."  - Dental Tourism News Today


(To Certified Dentists Internationale'  Patient Adviser Dra. Terrado)

Thank you for your follow up. Dr. Limon and his staff were absolutely wonderful to deal with. He and his staff  were extremely professional, very thorough and explained options available in a clear, concise manner. We have already made referrals to several friends. The cost was very good, especially considering the high quality of work performed. If further dental work is required in the future, we will definitely go back and would not hesitate to refer him to anyone considering to have dental work performed while in Cabo.

That you so much Dr. Terrado for making this referral for us.

Dolores & John B.
Edmonton, Alberta

This was my first root canal and I entered the dental clinic in Tijuana slightly anxious. The dentist put me at ease by talking me through the process and ensuring that I was pain free and comfortable as he proceeded. I went ahead with 7 new crowns a deep cleaning and whitening. He got all the colors of my teeth (both old and new) to match perfectly which was no easy trick as the original teeth were discolored and had to be brightened as well. He’s everything my patient adviser at Certified Dentists International said he would be and more.  

- Mary M.- San Diego, California

The doctora recommended by Board Certified Dentist Internationale' in Puerto Vallarta was awesome, she cleaned my teeth with great care and thoroughness.  She was very informative and sensitive to my needs. I discovered that In Mexico, many dentists do the cleanings themselves rather than assistants like back in Canada. And my new All on 1 is perfect. Best dental experience I ever had. 

- Tom D. from Alberta, Canada

I have never had a better experience in a dentist visit & I am 65 years old. Doctor Jagoring recommended by my patient adviser at Board Certified Dentists Internationale, did wonderful work replacing my broken bridge and setting 3 new implants. You can trust his judgement completely. - Anonymous

I really appreciate that I can have an appointment on Saturday with a board certified dentist in Tijuana! It is extremely convenient!

- Denise P. from Los Angeles, California

I can not begin to tell you how superb the service I have received from both doctors at Dr. Guillermo's Cabo San Lucas dental clinic. I have severe anxiety issues and after 25 years of neglecting my dental care, I took what they call a dental vacation to Los Cabos. From the patient advisers at the Board Certified Dentists to the doctors themselves I was treated as if I were the only patient they had to deal with all day long. And a special shout-out to Dr. Quintanilla-Kelly who came down from Tijuana to be on the team. I have never felt so well cared for by a dentist in my 50+ years. They helped me realize my dream of having a great smile. 

(Full-mouth restoration w/ implants,15 crowns, perio)  

- Fred T. from Chicago

I’ll never forget when they they handed me the mirror after all the new crowns were set and that big gap between my incisers was gone.  I could finally smile for the first time in my life. Everyone in the room shared my tears of joy. I can’t  thank San Jose Dr. Garcia enough.  

- Karen B. San Francisco

I would like to thank everyone at Board Certified Dentists Internationale' for their assistance in arranging  care of our special needs son.  As you know, he is the joy our life and the thought that his extensive dental work might be too much for him to handle caused us much anxiety.  Our patient adviser Dra. Terrado made our clinic and hospital visits go well - restoring his teeth and ending his suffering from long overdue dental problems.  Your staff answered all our questions and worked with us to get him the best care possible with honesty and patience.  Your warmth and caring for my son and my family will never be forgotten.

- Arthur T. from Dallas Texas

Thanks to everyone who made our dental holiday to Manila a success beyond our expectations! The clinic staff provided transportation to our clinic appointments and we found time after my husbands implants were set to visit the incredibly beautiful sea caves in Puerto Princessa before returning for our final clinic appointment. And of course - it goes beyond saying that the dental work was excellent!

- Susan M. of Sydney, Australia

Dear Ms. Sanchez

Thanks very much for recommending the dental implantologist in Tijuana. He was great from start to finish. The staff even pushed me in a wheelchair to the parking garage and drove me back to my hotel in San Diego using their fast border pass. The anesthesiologist was especially professional - the sedation used was perfect with little lingering effects after my implant procedures were completed. Now I can smile and eat well again. Thanks so much for all your help!

-Frank L. Seattle, Washington

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