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Hint - It's not some kind of Italian bread or pantyhose..

Article by Medical & Dental Tourism writer David Mandich 

Don’t panic over a pano. This strange new (since 1985) x-ray is commonly used by dental specialists for evaluating a patient’s oral condition before deciding on procedures. 

If you are thinking about having serious dentistry such as dental implants or a dental makeover – and you want to go abroad to see a dentist in Mexico or someplace  exotic in Asia – your specialist dentist may request a panoramic x-ray. 

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Panoramic radiograph x-rays show an ear to ear 180 degree view of the patient’s jaws and all the teeth as well as much of the head and neck anatomy.

The machine used is different than the standard x-ray unit as the patient generally stands while the x-ray unit travels on a semi-circular track around the patient’s head.

A pano will show in greater detail impacted wisdom teeth, bone loss, often sources of dental pain caused by tmj (temporomandibular) disorder, oral trauma and orthodontic assessments necessary for oral surgery.

The image quality is vastly superior to conventional film-based systems and of great importance to oral surgeons and maxillofacial specialists in assessing a patient’s suitability for conventional, mini dental implants, or other procedures. 

Cone 3D Technology is a new advancement to digital pano devices.

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The panoramic apparatus slowly rotates 180 degrees around the patient's head taking the x-ray

Get a pano from a specialist at home in advance or have one made in your dental vacation destination (assuming you are not going to Timbuktu). The costs will range from $150us to $300 in the US, Canada or Australia vs. $30 to $65 by a dentist in Manila or Puerto Vallarta Mexico using the same pano x-ray units.

It doesn't matter whether you have your pano made in New York, Cabo or Manila. It's simply a matter of cost and convenience.

What does matter is having the assessment by a board certified dentist. In many developing nations - (Mexico, Thailand etc.) General dentists untrained and un-certified for anything other than drilling and filling teeth are permitted to attempt advanced dentistry learning as they go at your expense (read that line again before you hand over $10,000 to a pretender in Los Algodones or Phuket).

The pano will help the dentist to determine if you will be a suitable candidate for implants or not.

Dental Tourism & Panos: Your best option for a successful dental vacation is to have a consultation and pano made back home and sent to a board certified dentist in Mexico, Asia or elsewhere for their opinion and estimate. Then compare the two.

If  you have already decided to head for Puerto Vallarta or Tijuana for your denture adventure (sorry for pun) and want to save $2-300 on the consultation and pano at home - just wing it to your preferred dental travel destination and  have the pano and consultation there for  $50-60. by a Board Certified Mexico dentist using the same equipment. And pocket the difference. That's what dental tourism is all about.

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Photo above: All on 4 prosthesis use mini or conventional (longer) implants. Minis have a higher failure rate but can be set in one trip. Conventional implants require a 2nd trip to the clinic 4-6 mos. later.

With a pano to study the dentist can often recommend several options for you including conventional dental implants, mini implants, One-Day, 4 in 1, implant secured dentures, traditional dentures and others. 

A complete exam for determining your suitability for maxillofacial or dental implant surgery includes includes the panoramic x-ray, an in-chair examination where the doctor will check your gum health, bone density, sinus capacity, movability of your teeth and a general health assessment.

Not everyone is a candidate for dental implants - advanced age, heavy smoking, diabetes and other issues are mitigating factors.  

For Board Certified Dentists in Mexico and Asia for advanced dental procedures such as oral surgery, full-mouth oral restorations, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, crowns, veneers and other types of advanced dentistry visit Certified Doctors & Dentists Internationale' for free estimates and referrals to dentists in the most popular dental vacation destinations. 

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