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Dr. Guillermo Marquez Board Certified Mexico Dental Association Dentist in Los Algodones

"Dr. Guillermo Marquez is a certified specialist dentist you can trust for your important dentistry from root canals and crowns to implants and cosmetic dentistry. He's one of the best in town and his prices are competitive with many far less-trained general dentists for the same procedures." - Board Certified Mexico Dental Association

Best Los Algodones Dentist Dr. Guillermo Marquez

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If you are searching for a certified specialist dentist in Los Algodones who will always be there for you the next time you need dental work, we are pleased to recommend Dr. Guillermo Marquez. He didn’t set up shop just yesterday - his roots are in Los Algodones.

A native of Los Algodones, he attended the University in Mexicali where after graduating from dental college he performed his year of government required public service in the hospital there before opening a clinic in Los Algodones in 1998. Over the last 20 years in practice he has upgraded his skills with additional specialist Diplomado certifications in periodontistry, endodontics, orthodontics, implants, restorative and cosmetic dentistry.  And spending summer vacations studying English at King George Univ. in Vancouver BC. Some people will do anything to escape the summer heat.

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Like most certified dentists the doctor loves his craft and enjoys a  reputation for being a perfectionist making flawless crowns,     veneers, implants and doing complicated oral restorations.  Indeed  he is such a perfectionist he set up his own lab to ensure the work  is made right and right the first time. This is important to dental     tourists who have a plane in Yuma to catch.

One of his most popular dental procedures is making mini implant  secured dentures using the MDI Mini Implant procedure which     along with crowns, root canals (with post and crown), flexible     partials and dentures can be completed in 1 day!

For the dental sensitive patient having more involved procedures he offers various options for sleep or sedation dentistry. About 10% of the population have dental anxiety and certified dentists have additional training to help patients have a comfortable dental experience. IV sedation or total sedation should only be administered by a doctor of anesthesiology who can be called in for your session.

His staff is warm and welcoming - expect to be treated like an old friend or family when you visit. You will find his prices competitive (and sometimes less) than prices at many non-certified far-less skilled dentists in Los Algodones.  Crowns start at under $295 and surgical dental implants @ $950. And that's using branded implants not low quality units from China or Pakistan which many call "FDA approved." He and his associates also do general dentistry at prices competitive with general dentists.

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Remember once you cross the border you are immediately saving as much as 75% on your dental work. So stop shopping prices and start thinking quality instead. It is often said that those who shop prices always get their price. And often wish they hadn’t later when poor quality work has to be  repeated by a certified specialist. They often end up paying twice.

Our Association dentists are selected by our directors to be among the best in each locale so you won’t see 100’s of dentists in a town on our pages. But we know each one we have and can recommend them to you as the best of the best in the area. Dr. Marquez more than makes the grade for those needing  quality crowns, implants and other advanced dentistry in Los Algodones.

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Dental Implants
Mini Implants
IMD Mini Implant System - 
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Teeth Whitening
Laser Teeth Whitening -
 E Max Veneers

PRICES:  Having his own lab helps keep prices down with crowns beginning at $250 and surgical dental implants at $950. 

Remember:  Cross the border and you are are already saving up to 75% - it's time to start shopping for the right dentist.  

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 Board Certified  Mexico Dental Association


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