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Our Association wants dental tourism patients to get high-quality dental work wherever they go. Below is a brief description of the basic differences between general, certified and board certified dentists and what you should look out for when evaluating a dentist abroad.

General Dentist - We do not verify general dentists as most dental tourism patients go abroad for savings on major procedures - not fillings and cleanings. If you discover the dentist who is offering you the greatest deal on your veneers, or dental implants since the beginning of time is only a general dentist and not certified by a specialist college for the procedures you need - you should be careful. 

Signs you can watch out for to determine if your Implant or Cosmetic Dentist "Specialist" is overstating credentials:
  • No master's or doctorate graduate degree from a recognized dental specialist's college 
  • No membership in a recognized dental specialists association i.e. National College of Oral Surgeons etc. 
  • A certificate or degree from an implant manufacturer's seminar program in lieu of an advanced college degree.
  • Certificates of attendencia for dental convention seminars in lieu of advanced specialist college.
  • And the most difficult - fake degrees on salon walls and websites - This is unfortunately common.

Always remember - General dentists in developing nations are only trained and certified for very basic dental procedures such as drilling, filling cavities, cleanings and normal extractions. The same as in the West. Not crowns, cosmetic dentistry, dental makeovers or dental implants. But they like to try. And they can legally do so in Mexico and many developing nations. And call themselves 'Specialists' at the same time. 

Certified Dentist - is a general dentist who continued on and graduated from 2-4 years of specialist school but did not take the tough Board Exams. Choosing a certified dentist is better than a general dentist but also could be compared to hiring a lawyer who didn't pass the bar exam. 

Board Certified Dentists surpass all others, cost no more and are the ones you want for your important dentistry.

Our Dentist Credential Check service is without cost to the public. 


Q. Why should I do this?  The .com dental tourism agency websites say they vet their dentists.

Ans.  The reality is - It can take days and even weeks to properly verify one dentist's credentials with repeat submissions to colleges and health authorities. The .com dental tourism agencies don't have the staff or expertise to vet the hundreds of thousands of clinics they claim to have vetted and listed. Board Certified Dentists Internationale' only accepts as members a few of the very best in each locale. We know every board certified dentist we have and can recommend them without hesitation. 

Ex. Several .com dental tourism websites list a clinic in Los Algodones Mexico where the dentist states they graduated from a dental college and Harvard...  Upon checking, The Harvard credit was for a 4-day seminar. The general dentist was advertising for dental implant patients!  Implants are surgery and to become fully trained -  it takes 3-4 additional years of graduate dental specialist college. This kind of misrepresentation is common in developing nations with few truth-in-advertising laws. And over 85% of the dentists on .com dental tourism agency websites are only general dentists seeking dental tourism patients and many are untrained and uncertified for the procedures required. 

Ex. The Mexican health authorities closed down 20% of the clinics in border towns several years ago as they were being operated by unlicensed dentists, dental school drop-outs, dental techs, absentee dentists and illegal immigrants from the Central America and the USA! But they always return, reopen their clinics and are often found on dental tourism agency website lists. 

Ex. A dentist in Cabo (San Jose del Cabo) advertises on 3 dental travel agency sites she specializes in endodontics, implants, dental makeovers etc. On checking - the dentist is only a general dentist, never attended specialist college for endodontistry, oral surgery or has any certification for implants. Further investigation showed that specialists have had to redo his work in the past causing the patients to pay double.  

Q. What can go wrong if I don't use a board certified dentist and just a general dentist for my crowns, dental implants or dental makeover?

Ans. Shoddy or incompetent work that has to be repeated later. Common complaints are poor color matched crowns, crowns to close together, too thin, poor quality adhesives for crowns and veneers, low-quality implants that last 4-6 years then fail causing infections, misaligned implants, gums and teeth which need contoured, unsafe surgical procedures endangering nerves and vessels and many other problems.

Settle for nothing but the best.  Board certified dentists cost the same in Mexico, Thailand, The Philippines and other developing nations as far less-skilled, uncertified dentists.  

FREE DENTIST CREDENTIAL CHECK:  A public service by BCDI. Find out if your dentist is certified in the specialties you require by filling out the form below.  All inquiries are strictly confidential. 

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