Medical & Dental Tourism Payment Procedures, Credit Cards, Cash, Insurance, Guarantees

THERE ARE MANY WAYS TO PAY for your healthcare abroad.

Most clinics require 50% down at start of treatment & the balance on completion.


Very important!  Call your bank in advance of your travel and advise them you will be using your credit card abroad. Especially note if a large transaction is expected.

  • Visa, MasterCard are accepted at most clinics but most clinics charge a 5% add-on for the bank and credit card fees.  American Express and other cards are not accepted at many clinics - check with your patient adviser.

Note the credit card charge will be in local currency and it may be subject to a currency conversion fee.

  • Banks often charge additional out-of-the-country transaction fees for different countries.

  • ATM’s in Mexico and in many countries abroad accept foreign bank issued credit cards but may charge additional fees. Private ATM's can be expensive to withdraw from.

PayPal accepts several major credit cards and you do not need a  PayPal account to send money through them. Check with a patient adviser if you clinic accepts PP.

Some clinics accept AMEX checks - check with your patients adviser or dentist.

CASH - Bringing cash through Customs - If $10,000usd or over (per person or family), it has to be declared at Customs or it will be forfeited. You lose. And everyone at Customs goes to Las Vegas. Bank drafts and travelers checks are also considered cash.

PERSONAL CHECKS - Some clinics in US/Mex. border towns will accept personal checks.  Check to be sure.


Most clinics will offer Discounts for CASH, veterans, active military, teachers, union members, seniors, the disabled and soccer stars.

INSURANCE - Most clinics will assist you by providing documentation for your insurance company. Some border clinics accept foreign insurance but typically want you to pay for the treatment and if and when they are reimbursed by your insurer, they will reimburse you.

GUARANTEES ON MEDICAL & DENTAL WORK - All Certified Dentists & Doctors Internationale' (CDI) members guarantee their work for up to 5 years for some treatments. If you have a problem, they will correct it. Many clinics are JCI certified and CDI guarantees that its members are all certified specialists (and many are Board Certified) which is your best assurance that your medical professional is the best for the procedures you need.



 Certified Dentists & Doctors Internationale' Association


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Many dentists in Mexico offer discounts to unions including NEA, AFL-CIO, US military & others, Aarp Travel, Aarp members, Aarp dental, seniors, plus 55, Kaiser medical, dental, Delta insurance, Delta dental and others. Check with your patient adviser for the best dental tourism dentists, places & countries.

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