Important Medical & Dental Tourism FAQ's Every Patient Considering A Healthcare Tourism Vacation Should Know.

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Medical & Dental Vacation - FAQ's & information
    •  How to find the best medical & dental tourism doctors
    •  The difference between Board Certified, Certified & General Dentists and Doctors in foreign countries
    •  How to find the best medical & dental tourism countries and places 
    •  How to obtain accurate free estimates, referrals, payment information 
    •  How and why to obtain a Free 2nd Opinion 
    •  Free Credential Check Service. Exclusive with us! 
    •  Special Needs, Handicapped, Dental Anxious Patient information
    •  Personal & Premium Services, Guarantees the Association backs up!  

1. What’s the difference between a general, certified and board certified medical professional?  Which one do I need?

Ans. General Practitioner Doctors and Dentists are only trained in the basics. In dentistry for instance, it's drilling, filling cavities and normal extractions. Many general dentists and doctors in developing nations call themselves ‘specialists’ in plastic surgery or if dentists endodontics, dental implants etc. When in reality - many have never attended a specialist college. In many countries (such as Mexico) the term ‘specialist’ can mean that the general dentist or doctor is interested in a field and wants to learn it by practicing on you at your expense. Or it can mean the doctor is a true, certified specialist. Confusing isn't it!  


Certified Dentists and Doctors- graduated from 4 yrs. basic dental college and completed a year's public service in a government clinic (Mexico) and then went on to specialist college for another 2-4 years. A certified doctor or dentist is far better than a general practitioner or general dentist for complicated treatments, but if not Board Certified (next paragraph) the results can be like hiring a lawyer who didn't pass the bar exam. 

A Board Certified medical professional - has a graduate degree in a recognized medical or dental  specialty and studied for and passed the tough board exams (written, oral and lab) in a particular field. These doctors are the best of the best in the West and abroad. Board Certified Internationale' association dentists and doctors usually have 2 decades or more clinical practice and are selected for membership for being the best in their locale. 

2. Why Choose A Board Certified Dentists Internationale' member?  

Ans. Superior healthcare, your safety, comfort and our professional staff at CDI.  If you are looking for quality medical tourism, we promise that you will be treated by a board certified doctor or dentist who is fully trained and accredited for your specific needs. Our Patient Adviser staff consists of doctors and dentists. Not 20-something year old call center agents!

3.  I want to be sure my doctor or dentist knows what he is doing.  How can I find a certified one?

Ans. Our Association will save you the trouble of sorting out the real ones from the pretenders most often found on medical and dental tourism agency websites. The vast majority of the listings on the medical tourism agency websites are not certified in any specialty field. Board certified doctors and dentists are less than 1% of the medical professionals and certified specialists 5-10%   

Our directors accept only the top board certified doctors and dentists in each locale to be members in our organization. Our membership criteria is tough. Members have to be truly vetted - meaning we verify degrees and health department licensing which sometimes takes weeks with repeated requests to the proper authorities. We are the only ones who truly vet our dentists. 

Many of our member dentists are Presidents or Directors of their specialist association, dental specialist college instructors, award winners, medical and dental convention lecturers and almost all are senior doctors and dentists with 2 or more decades of experience. 

4. Do Board Certified Doctors and Dentists cost more?  

You can find cheaper doctors and dentists, but they won't be certified for the advanced procedures most dental tourists want. And may use low-cost inferior materials. Our members have impeccable credentials and are typically as affordable as non-certified medical professionals in developing countries.

5. Is there a cost for your services?  

Ans.  You pay the clinic for their dental services provided not our Association.
  • Additional personal services are available in Premium Services below. 

  • Free 2nd Opinions - The Association offers free 2nd Opinions - forward your medical or dental treatment plan, estimate, and x-rays if available to us and a board certified specialist in the field you need will review your case without cost. 
  • Free Credential Check  - If you have a doctor or dentist in mind, we will verify if they are certified for the treatments you require.
  • Premium Services are available for patients desiring the maximum in personal assistance. These services are for patients traveling alone, Special Needs, handicapped, patients undergoing large complicated treatments etc.  Premium Service includes all the basic services described above plus additional estimates and help planning your travel, accommodations, activities, private assistant nurse or personal assistant and local transportation arrangements for your appointments. 

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6. Do you have care for Special Needs Dental Patients?

Ans. Yes. Some handicapped patients may require their dental treatments be be performed in a hospital setting due to a variety of physical and psychological conditions such as multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia, heart conditions etc. We offer hospitals, clinics, anesthesiologists and doctors qualified and experienced in treating patients with special needs. Medical procedures are preformed in the best facilities in your preferred medical tourism destination. Many are JCI approved. 

7. Dental Anxiety Patients

Afraid of the dentist? You are not alone. Approximately 10% of the population is. Certified specialist dentists have additional training in caring for dental sensitive patients in addition to having an array of sedation and sleep dentistry options to make your experience safe and comfortable. Feel free to discuss your needs with your patient adviser. 

8.  Do you offer accommodations? 

We are affiliated with the world’s largest travel booking agency where you can be sure you will be getting the best service and prices on accommodations. is the parent company of Priceline and Kayak. If you book through our Association receives a small fee. 

9. Payment for services. 

Most medical professionals accept major credit cards, local currency and most accept US dollars. Most charge 4-5% for credit card payments. And add VAT in some countries. Many offer discounts for cash payments. Bank wire transfers, Western Union and PayPal are acceptable for some. Traveler’s checks and personal checks are generally not accepted but sometimes are. Check with your patient adviser.
With Western Union or PayPal funds are transferred immediately. 

Carrying cash amounts over $10,000 per person or collectively per traveling family needs be declared in most countries. Remember in many countries travelers checks are considered by customs the same as cash when calculating that $10,000 limit. 

Most clinics require 50% down on the first visit for major treatments and the balance on completion. 

10. Do Certified Doctors & Dentists Internationale' medical professionals guarantee their work?

Ans. Our Association members stand behind their work. They use the highest quality materials which enjoy the branded manufacturers warranties such as found on quality dental implants.  If you are not satisfied with the work, they will work with you until you are satisfied. Rest assured that our Association Directors and staff oversee patient happiness and will be there for you if there should be any issues. 

Your best guarantee for quality medical tourism is to follow the advice of the American Dental Association which is to always use the services of a board certified dentist when going abroad for dental work. The same applies to medical treatments abroad as in too many countries - any general MD can wake up one morning and call themselves a plastic surgeon or in the case of dentistry - a cosmetic dentist or implantologist. Having a Board Certified Dentist or Doctor is your best guarantee when abroad.

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11. How long should I plan for my dental travel?

Ans. If you live within driving distance of an international border such as US/Mexico - you can schedule your appointment for the day you arrive. Some clinics see patients on Saturdays and may be closed on Mondays, the President's or dictator's gf's birthday, religious holidays and especially for national soccer team victories.  

Many dental tourists fly to another country for major work such as dental implants, bridges etc. and a 1 week stay is normally sufficient time. Full-mouth oral restorations can take 10 days to 2 weeks with lab time. If having dental implants, they can be completed in One-Day with some systems or you may have to return months later for the crown with conventional implants. 

Medical tourism patients usually require similar travel planning with stays of 1-2 weeks being most common. 
Each case is different and you, your patient adviser and doctor or dentist will work out a schedule that works best for all. 

12. Is Medical Tourism safe?

Ans. We advise patients if there are reasons to consider alternative destinations.

Thailand, Hong Kong, Latvia, Turkey and Egypt have had political unrest recently which can cause inconvenience to the visitor. Despite the occasional headlines
Mexican medical and dental tourism destinations such as Cabo, Puerto Vallarta and Cancun have lower crime rates than Orlando, Las Vegas and Honolulu according to FBI stats. When visiting a big city in another country one should take the same precautions one would take when visiting any major city back home. 

In almost 2 decades of assisting 1,000's dental tourism patients, our  parent org the Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association has not lost one patient. However, some decided to stay and not return home. Cabo and Puerto Vallarta have been the usual reasons.

13. How much will I save with medical and dental tourism? 

Ans. Dental Tourism 50-75% savings are normal. Depending on the size and complexity of the treatments - you can save anywhere from several thousand dollars on a few root canals and crowns to as much as $50,000 usd on major dental makeovers. If having a few root canals and crowns you may save enough to pay for a dream vacation in Cabo.  You will save even more in Asia. See our Dental Treatments & Prices page to compare prices.  

Medical Tourism patients enjoy similar percentages of savings on major treatments. 

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!4. What can go wrong with a foreign dentist or doctor? 

What applies to dentists also applies in general with doctors. Re dentists: Did your dentist back home try to frighten you with scary stories about medical or dental tourism? The stories are often true! 

We have letters from patients who had shoddy dental work all over the world asking for help.  Misaligned dental implants, crowns too big, too close together, the wrong color, crowns and veneers that failed from poor quality adhesives or made too thin; low quality, budget dental implants which failed causing infections and more. All by dentists not certified for the work they were attempting. And many of these "specialist" dentists were found on popular dental tourism websites. 

If you save a little on a treatment and it has to be redone later - there is no savings. You pay twice as much and you are in the dentist’s chair twice as long. Our association exists to help the medical tourism patient find the right doctor or dentist who is a fully accredited, highly-experienced professional for exactly what they need done. 

We are an association of top medical professionals who are fully accredited experienced doctors and dentists. Many (if not most) are board certified and leaders in their local medical or dental community. 

15. How do I begin the process? 

Step 1. Simply fill out our Contact form near the bottom of this page.  Give us as much detail as possible - Your approx. travel dates if known, email address (double check it), telephone number if you wish a call, and notes about what you would like to have done - whether medical or dental and if you have any health conditions or issues with medications. Send us any x-rays, photos, medical history or dental treatment plan if available. 

Step 2. Relax. If your case is complicated - give the patient adviser and doctor a little time to review your case. Stay in touch with our Toll Free USA and Canada telephone numbers or email. 

Step 3. Review your estimate, ask questions, figure your budget including travel costs. For the best prices on accommodations check with our travel associate Make sure your passport is current and if a visa is required for your destination country. 

Step 4. Give your patient adviser your preferred travel dates. Your PA will confirm with the doctor, provide you with contact information for the doctor, clinic, a local patient coordinator if you need help when there. They will have information on local local transportation or in many locations - gratis clinic appointment transportation provided by the clinic. 

Step 5. Plan what fun and exciting things you will be doing on your days off between clinic appointments. 

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