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List of Certified Dentists in Los Cabos (Cabo & San Jose del Cabo)

CERTIFIED DENTISTS are less than 1% of dentists in Mexico and Certified Doctors & Dentists Internationale's Cabo dentists are among the best. 

Listed below are 3 top certified dentists in Los Cabos.  

All are distinguished members of several specialist organizations and have the training necessary for the advanced dental procedures most dental tourism patients need.  

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cabo dentist dr limon

Los Cabos Dentist Dr. Guillermo Limon
Location: Cabo Bello 7 min. from downtown Cabo.

Dr. Guillermo  Limon is a former President of the Baja California Orthodontist  Association and current President of the   National College of  Surgeons. He has 2 clinics where he alternates his time - one in Cabo and a new clinic in the Tijuana Zona Rio district. 

Dr.Guillermo Limon is  a  top  specialist  in  several   fields  of advanced dentistry including orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry plus oral surgery (implants, all on 1, dentures etc.) and TMJ   disorders  having made  his doctoral thesis  on this condition.  TMJ   or   temporomandibular    joint   and   muscle   disorders   are   a group  of   conditions   that   cause  pain  and   dysfunction  in   the   jaw   joint,   neck   muscles   and  teeth. 

If your Cabo travel schedule meets with his Cabo/Tijuana schedule - you will be getting the best of the best in Los Cabos. Let us know your travel dates and we will check the calendar, get you an estimate and arrange your appointment.  Read More

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San Jose del Cabo dentist

Dr. Antonio (Tony) Garcia Montemayor
Location: San Jose Del Cabo
Dr. Tony Garcia is a Certified Dentist in San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos recommended by The Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association and Certified Doctors & Dentists Internationale' for Superior Dentistry in Los Cabos Mexico.
Dr. Antonio Garcia has been practicing in Los Cabos for over a decade. He has a new clinic with new equipment in a new building in the upscale area of Magisterial in San Jose del Cabo.

He does general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and is a Diplomate' in dental implants.  
His patients think he's the greatest, but perhaps his greatest compliments come from a fellow dentists who said: 

"Antonio was born to be a dentist. 
From a happy patient:

"He works quick and painlessly, my cosmetic dentistry 
including crowns and veneers came out perfect."

- Janette Cortez, Dallas

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