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Bienvenidos Todos! -  Welcome All!


At almost 20 years of age - The Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association is the oldest entity dedicated to assisting dental tourism patients in Mexico. In 2014 we joined forces with a counterpart association in Asia and founded Certified Doctors & Dentists Internationale’.

Our primary mission continues to be assisting the patient in finding safe, high-quality dentistry abroad at affordable prices and to help certified dentists better market their superior services to foreign patients.

Board certification removes the uncertainty of finding the right dentist when going abroad. And you will find our certified dentists cost the same as far less-skilled non-certified dentists who comprise close to 90% of the dentists advertising for dental tourism patients.   

By using our Association’s services – you don’t have to shop around to find the best dentist – we’ve done that for you. You only have to decide ‘Where’ you want to spend your medical or dental holiday.  

Our Association patient adviser staff of medical professionals are ready to assist with free estimates, referrals and dental travel information. And without any additional cost to you.  

We look forward to being of assistance!


Sra. Carla Helena Sanchez

Director, Board Certified Dentists Internationale'


For Patients 

Obtain Free estimates, referrals, credentials checked & 2nd opinions.                                                                           Visit our Home page  

email: certifieddentists@gmail.com                   

Url: www.certifieddentists.org/                                            

Skype address: Certified Dentists Internationale’

Address: Certified Dentists Internationale & Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association 

Avenida México Coyoacán 50, De Benito Juárez, México City DF, Mexico 
Offices in Cabo San Lucas Mexico, San Diego USA, & Manila The Philippines

For Certified Dentists

Top certified specialist dentists are invited to apply for membership. 

Find Board Certified Internationale' dentists in Mexico The most popular Mexico dental tourism destinations are dentists in Los Cabos (aka Cabo, Cabo San Lucas & San Jose Del Cabo) Cancun, Puerto  Vallarta, La Paz, Los Algodones. Other Mexico certified dentist's clinics located in Aguas Calientes,  Ensenada, San Carlos, Mazatlan, Mexico City, El Progreso, Guadalajara, Mexicali, Puebla, Juarez, Monterrey, San Miguel de Allende & Veracruz.  

Other countries -  Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Chile, Colombia, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, No. Ireland, Portugal, The Baltic States, Hungary, Croatia, Egypt - Cairo, Alexandria,  Turkey - Istanbul, Israel, Dubai, India, Nepal, Indonesia - Jakarta, Bali; Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand - Bangkok, Phuket, China, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bejing; Taiwan, So. Africa, So. Korea, The Philippines - Manila, Cebu City


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Board Certified Doctors & Dentists Internationale' - Affiliated with Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association

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Many dental clinics in Mexico offer discounts to unions including NEA, AFL-CIO, US military & others, Aarp Travel, Aarp member, Aarp dental, seniors, plus 55, Kaiser medical, dental, Delta insurance and others. Check with your patient adviser for the best dental tourism dentists places & countries.

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