Troubleshooting:Does the system failure to defrag effect the failure to back up?

Does the system failure to defrag effect the failure to back up?

Okay, I've posted this question before but I think I've ruled out the obvious issues.
 My notebook was backing up on a schedule  like a charm until May-June when something happened.
The last good back up was in May, and no matter how I set the back up, custom/windows recommended, make an image etc.
I constantly get the message "back up failed"
and that annoying red bar.
 I thought perhaps it was the external hard drive, which windows does recommend you use as a back up.
In fact, I've used that external hard drive before and when my hard drive crashed, it was a God send when I had to reinstall the OS and all my personal

 Anyway, I always noticed that when I would defrag, which is on a schedule, it used to always say 100 percent defragmented.
All of it, the C drive, the System, HP recover and HP tools.
 HOWEVER, I noticed the system will not defrag completely.
It has 5 percent not degragmented.
It occurred about the same time as the loss of ability to back up.
 (I have backed up to DVDs but I'd like to have it like it was before, updating the back ups periodically on a schedule).
 So, does the system refer to the registry? I know the least about how to deal with that.
I don't tamper with it, I would not know how to repair it.
Could this possibly be the reason now the back up that is in my notebook -- not the software that came with
the passport harddrive but the microsoft back up -- not work?
 If so, how does one get the system straightened out? Or registry if that is what it is.
thanks for any very specific guidance to someone who doesn't know a lot about the registry.

Anwsers to the Problem Does the system failure to defrag effect the failure to back up?

Download Error Fixer (Free)

I suggest you get away from the Windows backup program and get yourself a good commercial backup program.
This forum is fraught with problem reports for the Windows one.
I know I was very unimpressed when I tried it.
Three I'm familiar with and like are
Norton Ghost (which I've been using for 8 years without the 1st problem),
Easeus Todo Backup Free, which you can download from and
Memeo which has a 30 day free trial and you can buy it for $29.99 - you can download it from .
You can get Ghost for next to nothing (like I did) if you watch the sales.
The March 2012 issue of PC World is very high on the FREE program from Easeus, and I've been testing it lately in a variety of configurations and have to say I'm very impressed.
Like Ghost it will back up to a networked drive, and it will create a boot CD
for when your PC won't boot.
See PC World's review at,80031-order,4/description.html .
CNET has a lot of backup program reviews at;sideBar .
Some of these are free (last time I checked there were over 300), some have free trials (over 1000), and some are purchase only (over 200).
External hard drives are best for backup.
You can get a 500 GB one for around $70 and a 1.5 TB one for around $90.
You can also buy a 16 GB flash drive for as little as $10.
It's the best insurance you can ever buy!
I hope this helps.
Good luck

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