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Alpine ski touring section specific guidelines for the season 2016-2017

Subscriptions will start on November 11, from our website!

If you need information please come to our club introduction evening, @cern on Thursday November 10.  

In case of urgent questions, please contact us -->

First, we would like to remind you that we only have a supervision/guide role during our outings. Our instructors are not capacitated to give you ski lessons. That is why we ask you to join us only if you already know skiing in off-piste conditions. Of course we'll give you the most important technical information specific to ski touring...

Weekly meeting (Permanence)
Weekly meetings (permanence) are held on Thursdays from 18:00 to 19:00, starting at the beginning Thursday the 05th of January 2017, at the Clubs Mezzanine above Cafeteria N° 2 (Building 504) for signing up to the different outings. It is mandatory to pay the fees before the first outing you'll registered for.
Membership and fees

To join the outings, you must registered as a ski club member and as a ski touring section member, and also have a Carte Neige!

Pre-subscription or subscription on the WEB from the 11th of November 2016: click here and follow the instructions to complete the on-line form.
  • We advise you to pay by creditcard via internet via your member area
Membership Fee
The membership fee for the whole season 2016-2017 is 110 € (same since 2 years :).
You can then participate to the security day and to an unlimited number of outings.
Subscription for outings (from January)
In order to subscribe for an outing you need to come to the Thursday permanence and register (from 18:00 to 19:00). At the same time we will give you the relevant information concerning the tour.

No subscriptions to outings to be made by telephone or by email. Safety first!

This is due to a number of reasons. Firstly and for safety reasons you need to come along to the permanence on the Thursday evening before the outing to  check the ‘outing sheet’ in which we list important information, such as the equipment to be brought along with you (crampons for example) . We also provide the latest weather forecast and avalanche risk information, which you can evaluate with the instructor leading the outing. Please remember that the difficulty of an outing can change radically depending on the weather and amount of snowfall.
As conditions in the mountain are not always easy, it is highly important that the instructor meets you prior to the outing so that he/she understands the composition of the group he/she is accompanying.
It is also preferable that the group members meet each other beforehand and get to know one another. By respecting the above, we can guarantee a safe outing for you all.
The second reason we insist that you subscribe for an outing in person is down to availability. All of our instructors work during the day, and give up their time for free, to take members to the mountains. They also make themselves available for the Thursday evening subscription meetings, so we should ask you to kindly respect their working timetable and not bother them during working hours.
Last but not least, it’s so much nicer to get together for a chat about Ski touring !
Remark about the difficulties of the outings
Backcountry trips may be difficult to assess because of the ever-changing condition of the snowpack. A slope with an angle of 30° which is relatively easy to ski downhill becomes hazardous with icy snow. Similarly, a route passing through a glaciated terrain can get most difficult or even unpracticable because of the changing nature of the glacier or the lack of snow. Rating the level of difficulty of the outings or trips takes into account all these factors in addition to the length and altitude. The rating will be higher in case of bad conditions.

Never forget that mountains are a hazardous environment. Whatever precaution we take, there is always a risk remaining.
Choosing your trip according to your own capabilities will ensure a safe outing for all.

Number of participants
For security reasons, the ski instructor will limit the number of participants to the outing; this will depend on the outing and on the conditions. Please do not insist if there is no more place, we do it for your own security. There are other outings of the same level the same day (up to 3 per week-end). If there are too many members who want to do an outing, we will try as much as possible to propose a new one (if the ski instructors are available).
Compulsory Equipments : DVA (Detecteur de Victime d'Avalanche, Avalanche transceiver) , Shovel, Probe

During outings, you must have a functional DVA on yourself, but also a shovel and a probe in your backpack.
You must also be able to use them

We encourage you to purchase your own safety equipment; a very important investment which paradoxically one wishes never to have to use. Remember that if you make this investment you can learn how to use each piece of equipment so as to be able to use it effectively in the case of an accident.
If you’d like some more information or any advice on what equipment to buy, please don’t hesitate to come along to one of the permanence for a chat.

In addition, we would like to encourage you all to come along to one of our special Safety Days on 07 and 15 January 2017. Not only we will explain how to use your equipment effectively and efficiently but you will also have the opportunity to try it out. Remember, practice makes perfect – a small investment so that you can go to the mountains in complete safety.

You have also the possibility to borrow a DVA, a shovel and a probe at the club, only for CERN ski touring outings.
Meeting point
The meeting point for outings will be at the CERN club parking near the CERN entrance A.

Participants are requested to arrive 10 minutes early so that the group can leave on time.
Travel costs
Transport costs are continually increasing and becoming a more and more important issue. We therefore will try to introduce a cost sharing mode taking into account the real costs generated by a car. We now request an amount of 0,27 €/km for each car used for the outing. Adding the motorway fee the whole sum will be shared between the participants and distributed to the drivers. Please be ready to volunteer as a driver once in a while. Drivers, please try to have a vehicle with appropriate equipment (winter tires and ski rack).
Behaviour during outings
During the outing, for security reasons :
  • You will be asked to kindly stay with the ski instructor. This is usually behind him, sometimes, in front of him if necessary, but never far away.
  • The group must be compact when walking up ; we must avoid having big time difference between the slowest and the fastest.
  • Please respect the weakest ! Our goal is bring the group to the summit not to rush all the time. We start the outing all together, we do the outing all together.
  • If one member of the group cannot continue or if we think that the conditions are not guaranteed for the security of the group, the ski instructor can stop the outing even if the conditions seem to be good.
  • Please respect the decisions ; they are taken keeping in mind your safety.

Required equipments
  • DVA + Snow Shovel + avalanche probe
  • Warm hat, scarf, sweater, hooded anorak, waterresistant clothing (windbreaker, balaclava), warm gloves, ski pants, gaiters, warm socks, helmet
  • Ski touring Shoes
  • Skis with touring bindings (downhill and free-heel), poles with wide baskets and climbing skins (coated with glue), Ski crampons.
  • Backpack with front strap for skis
  • Sunglasses with protective lenses, sunscreen lotion, lip balm, snow mask
  • Wax, space blanket, whistle
  • Waterflask, Thermos bottle, pocket knife, toilet paper
  • First aid kit (elasticated support bandage, adhesive tape, bandages, gauze swabs, aspirine or paracetamol,safety pins, Arnica 9CH pills, etc. )
  • I.D. card or passport (you need one for passing borders...)
  • Mobile phone (switched on but on silence mode), GPS if you have one
Alpine tourer
All above-mentioned equipment plus
  • Warm overtrousers, mitts, fleece jacket
  • 4 meters long sling
  • 9 meters 9 mm rope, 2 meters 6 mm rope
  • 1 karabiner with screwgate + 1 with snapgate
  • Advanced alpine tourer/ski mountaineer
  • All above.mentioned equipment plus
    • Crampons, ice axe, ice screw, helmet
    • Harness, cordelette
    • Spare clothing for trips lasting more than a day

    Before your first outing, check that your equipment is in good condition (bindings in both free-heel and downhill positions,
    length and state of the adhesive coating on the skins, adjustable poles, etc.)

    Change the batteries in your avalanche transceiver (DVA).