Welcome to the The Cerne Valley Neighbourhood Plan web site

The Cerne Valley was selected to be one of 17 areas in England to take part in the Neighbourhood Planning trial scheme. The aim of this website was to keep residents and other interested parties up to date with the progress being made in the creation of The Cerne Valley Neighbourhood Plan.

The tabs above will take you to various pages giving background information on The Valley and its' residents, the Neighbourhood Planning process, The Working Group formed to create the Valley Plan and copies of the variety of documents relevant to the creation of the Plan.

There is also a "Share Your Views" link. This was provided to give local residents access to the Working Group by email. Even though the Plan creation process has now been successfully concluded, the email address is still monitored on a regular basis so please continue to communicate with us as necessary

For up-to-date information about the Cerne Valley, the community, businesses and facilities please go to www.cernevalley.co.uk

Update January 2015

The Referendum on the Cerne Valley Neighbourhood Plan was held on

December 11th 2014 at Cerne Abbas Village Hall.

92% of those voting accepted the Neighbourhood Plan

The full results were

                                                                        Total votes cast                            327

                                                                        Total votes    Yes                          301

                                                                        Total votes     No                             26

                                                                        Spoilt voting papers                         0

                                                        Percentage of eligible electorate who voted  39.3%

The Plan has been returned to West Dorset District Council who, on 8th January 2015, voted in favour for it to be included in their Local Plan

This means that The Cerne Valley Neighbourhood Plan is now part of the formal planning process

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