Philosophy of language has witnessed important developments over the last ten years, focusing on the interplay between meaning and context, as well as the role of implicit content in linguistic communication. The progress made by philosophers of language on those issues is closely connected with the research of linguists on the semantics/pragmatics interface. These various advances will be reviewed and assessed from the perspectives of both philosophy of language and linguistics.

    The event will be mixed: part conference and part summer school (with the sponsorship of CNRS), it will also be a meeting point for two European networks of researchers working on the themes of the meeting. There will be a series of symposia on specific topics; mini-courses given by specialists of the field; presentations by selected international graduate students and young scholars; and meetings/workshops organized by the two research networks.

Selected References
H. Cappelen et E. Lepore, Insensitive Semantics. Blackwell / R. Carston, Thoughts and Utterances. Blackwell / S. Predelli, Contexts. Oxford University Press / F. Recanati, Literal Meaning. Cambridge University Press / D. Sperber et D. Wilson, Relevance. Blackwell / J. Stanley, Language in Context. Oxford University Press.

Abstracts of contributed papers

Names appearing in blue below are linked to the related abstracts. All the abstracts have been gathered in a booklet, which will be circulated among the participants, and is also downloadable as a .pdf at the bottom of this page.

Overview of the program


  • Michael DEVITT: What’s Wrong with Linguistic Contextualism?
  • Geoffrey NUNBERG (U. Berkeley): A Minimal Semantics for Derogatives, or Being Mean Without Meaning




Organizer: Isidora STOJANOVIC
Coordinator: Tom AVERY



Zachary ABRAHAMS (Underspecification, Specification, Overspecification), Jonas AKERMAN (Intuitions and Indexical Reference), Edison BARRIOS (Meaning Shift and the Purity of "I"), Delia BELLERI (Semantic Under-determinacy), Anouch BOURMAYAN (From incorporation to pragmatic enrichment: shifting the perspective on implicit indefinite objects),  Heidi BUETOW (The Problem of Inter-Perspectival Disagreement), Sarah-Jane CONRAD (How much context can a language bear?), Mark CRILEY (Cappelen, Content Relativism, and the Creative Interpreter), Alexander DAVIES (Two conceptions of context-sensitivity: idle outsourcing and calibration), Ingrid LOSSIUS FALKUM (A pragmatic account of systematic polysemy), Craig FRENCH (Against two ways of Motivating Perceptual Contextualism), Thiago N GALERY (Donkey and deferred pronouns revisited), Elmar GEIR UNNSTEINSSON (What is in a sentence?), Alison HALL ("Free" pragmatic processes, explicature, and systematicity), Daniel HARRIS (Meaning, Content, and Illocution), Sanna HIRVONEN (Perspective Dependence and Semantic Blindness), Thomas HODGSON (Underdeterminacy & Attitude-reports), Julie HUNTER (Now: A Discourse-Based Theory), Dirk KINDERMANN (Assertion, Relativism, and the de se), Benjamin LENNERTZ (Epistemic Modals and Hedges), Marie-Christine MEYER (Or Else, A New Kind of Disjunction), Matt MOSS (Impossibility and Epistemic ‘Might’), Yuuki OHTA & Emanuel VIEBAHN (In Defence of Semantic Modesty), Hazel PEARSON (A judge-free semantics for predicates of personal taste), Tim SUNDELL & David PLUNKETT (Understanding Normative Disagreement), Jeffery B. PRETTI (Substitution, Simple Sentences, and Designating Disguises), Indrek REILAND (Linguistic Meanings as Semantic Rules), Vincent RICHARD (Weather predicates and context dependency), Vassillis TSOMPANIDIS (Tensed Belief as De Re Belief), Lavi WOLF (An interpersonal approach to predicates of personal taste)

Marie Guillot,
May 30, 2011, 5:00 AM