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Our Fire Burns (Song)


In the night
The cold rains blow
The thatched roof leaks
But we're never cold
In the hearth
Our fire burns

The smithy strikes
Toils over coals
The hammer echos
Resounds with the blows
In the furnace
Our fire burns

The doors are bolted
The shutters closed
The walls are manned
The gates are lowered
In the beacons
Our fire burns

The streets are empty
The markets closed
We're always safe
We'll find our way
In the lamps
Our fire burns


Alex's Notes: pending...

Nick's Notes: The second song I've written lyrics for, completed in February 2013. The song is greatly influenced by the title of Werkraum's seminal album Unsere Feuer Brennen! . I had an idea of a call-and-response type song, were someone would say a line and the response would be "unsere feuer brennen". My original draft was going this direction, but wasn't quite working. So I switched to English and started to compose around that. 

As in a true neofolk fashion, the song is about fire (who HASN'T done that?), but It take solace in that I think I am talking about it in a different capacity. The song is obviously about unity. The subject matter is a town of an unspecific era, late at night, and its inhabitants. From the common man, to the workers, to the soldiers, to even the inanimate street lamps, they all work together and fire is the common linkage. I almost view this song as a sister song. maybe even a counter piece to "The Ride" as performed by Blood Axis. I would posit they take place in the same universe. 

Release Notes

The song "Our Fire Burns" can be found on the following releases:

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