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No Never Not (Song)


The fire's not forthcoming
No one ever died in June
The times may be a-changing
But it's not happening very soon

The trumpet call has faded
Revealing what was hidden with the moon
That you can have your victory
And your vengeance too 


Alex's Notes: pending..

Nick's Notes: The very first song I composed. The lyrics were originally written back in 2008/2009 when my girlfriend and I were flirting with the idea of making our own neofolk band. However other circumstances (school, work, living in a small apartment) made this not feasible at the time. However I composed the two versus with the intent to add more, which also didn't quite happen. The lyrics sat idle for many years, but in late 2012 I offered them to Alex who liked them, asked me to record them spoken word style, and put them to an instrumental he had. Thus the song "No Never Not" was born.

At a cursory glance, the song sounds misanthropic and self indulgent. However, that is a ruse, and anyone who listens to neofolk, military pop, or dark wave music will recognize the not-so-subtle references. The song is both an homage to and a parody of various bands within the scene, a scene that takes itself way too seriously and needs some fun poked at. An astute listener will recognize the following bands being riffed: Forthcoming Fire, Death in June, Changes, The Days of the Trumpet Call, The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud (only because I couldn't find a way to work Der Blutharsch in) and VNV Nation. 

The wordplay I'd like the think is inspired by the old KMFDM song "Inane". 

Release Notes

The song "No Never Not" can be found on the following releases:

Ceremony of Innocence - No Never Not