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La Consturera


En la cueva del grito
La oscuridad tiene voz
Te llama
Te canta
No la hagas caso
La costurera de la oscuridad te tendrá
Y nunca veras la luz de Nuevo


Alex's Notes: pending..

Nick's Notes: "La Consturera" is the 9th song written for Ceremony of Innocence, composed sometime in the summer of 2014. It is a sequel to the song, "Fortuna y Gloria" and continues the adventures of the protagonist in that song. In "Fortuna y Gloria", the hero was able to traverse a dangerous cave to get ahold of a treasure, and though he has claimed it, it seems the cave has more in store for him! In this instance, we have a seamstress, one who creates darkness, and lures adventurers to their doom.

The poem is actually inspired by another poem about a Darkweaver, a creature found in the Planescape setting of Dungeons and Dragons. I actually took the original poem, and modified it to fit a new mythos and translated it to Spanish to make it a continuation of the "Fortuna y Gloria" story. Mario of the Spanish band Suverana helped to make sure I wasn't talking total nonsense. I hope to actually do a few more Spanish songs, and keep the adventure going!


The song "La Consturera" can be found on the following release:

Ceremony of Innocence - Labyrinth of the Mind