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Just a Game


Instrumental (no lyrics)


Alex's Notes: pending...

Nick's Notes: Alex was a sneaky person with this intro! Many times when he is working on a song for an upcoming release for one of his projects, he sends me an mp3 to check it out. However, he did not with this! So I had to wait until the Passing Through the Interstellar Gas EP was actually released before I could hear it - the nerve!

Regardless, the intro is catchy! It sounds like a cross between the opening of an Anime and an RPG video game. In fact it is almost a little *too* catchy to be an intro - the song really started to pick up near the end, and then it ends! A full length instrumental would have been awesome to hear as well. It's a nice way to start the EP off methinks. 

Release Notes

The song "Just a Game" can be found on the following releases:

Ceremony of Innocence - Passing Through the Interstellar Gas