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Fortuna y Gloria


En la selva
Encontre aventura
Abismos y rios
Bestias y venenos
Encontre una cueva

En la cueva
Encontre peligro
Trucos y trampas
Laberintos y pozos
Encontre un tesoro

En el tesoro
Encontre una joya
Valioso y antigua
Hermoso y Claro
Encontre mi gloria


Alex's Notes: ..pending...

Nick's Notes: My 5th set of lyrics, written in May 2013. The genesis of the song came about a Sunday night. It was extremely hot, my girlfriend's and my friend was over all day for one last hurrah before he moved away, and I was hit with a huge case of insomnia. So in this state my mind always races feverishly, from financial woes to work blues to whatever the case may be. While our friend was over, we watched Journey 2: The Island starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, an actor I hold in surprisingly high esteem. 

So while laying there at Oh-Dark-Thirty, I was reflecting on the movie and how fun it was to watch, and how fun it would be to go on an adventure. Then of course other adventurous movies were coming to mind, such as the Indiana Jones movies and one of my guilty favourites, The Ark of the Sun God. Then my mind strayed to perhaps writing an adventurous song, and before I knew it, I had an english draft in my head. I hit upon the idea that perhaps it should be done in Spanish, that the song is about an adventurer exploring the jungles in deep southern Mexico (Mayans perhaps?), and finding ruins and a cave full of beasts and traps and in the end, finding a treasure! I scaled the song back so I could translate it to Spanish as best as I could (I speak passable Spanish for a gringo!). I told Alex of my lyrical idea and he jumped at the opportunity to try and record something different. He was very proud of his instrumental, I think in part it was diving into territory he hadn't dived into before. My Spanish accent isn't the greatest, but I did my best and I think the end result is a pretty well done song, especially when it was quite experimental from the both of us. 

What I think is particularly clever is that the ending of each verse becomes the starting point of the next verse. I have found that I am discovering interesting ways to link verses in my song writing, such as what I did in "Our Fire Burns" without relying on rhymes. 

Release Notes

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