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A Talisman

Four tiny opals
A talisman
My medallion
The first stone has a sigil
That wards me from the beasts
The second stone stays me vigil
And malevolent incantations cease
The third stone is set with a rune
That warms me in winter's frost
The last stone points north and true
And ensures I'm never lost
Alex’s Notes: ..pending..
Nicks’ Notes: The lyrics for “A Talisman” is the 8th lyrical composition and was written the night of December 27th, 2013 but recorded, mixed and produced by Alex the morning of February 4th in 2014 using an instrumental Alex had composed in early 2013.
Unlike songs like “A Sign in Space” and “The Turk”, there is no historical or cultural inspiration for “A Talisman”, so it owes more to “Fortuna y Gloria” as more of a catchy or fun song and more or less devoid of any covert meaning.
Quite simply put, “A Talisman” is about a magical talisman/medallion/jewelry piece set with 4 opals, with each opal possessing a magical property. One opal provides protection from animals, the next wards off spells, the 3rd protects against cold temperatures, and the final piece acts like a compass.
Basically, if you play any Tabletop RPG like Dungeons and Dragons, this would probably be an awesome item for your character to have.
The song was composed I the matter of a night after a burst of sudden clever inspiration hit me. I was out on a nightly walk listening to the Verney 1826 album Ex Libris. Perhaps the neoclassical sounds put in a magical frame of mind. I was walking down a sidewalk and spied a utility box on the ground with a smashed rock on top of it fragmented into segments. I just stood there and looked at the rock when some of the phrases of the song started to pop into my head. I jotted notes on my iPhone, walked home and fleshed the rest of the song out real quick.
So it’s not exactly an in-depth or deep song, but I think it’s catchy and has some rhymes. Perhaps it’s a nice slow appetizer of a song to start 2014 off with for Ceremony of Innocence.
Release Notes
“A Talisman” is currently unreleased.