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A Sign in Space


Out in the vastness of space
I've constructed a sign in a certain place
And floating with a galactic pace
In millions of years I'll see it again

To state the importance of my sign
You must realize it was one of a kind
My identity is what it would define
For without it I was nameless

600 million years have come to pass
Passing through the interstellar gas
As the stars form and the planets amass
My sign is soon within my grasp!

As I stood there traumatized
Looking at my sign all vandalized
I suddenly came to realize
That someone else was out there


Alex's Notes: pending...

Nick's Notes: My third set of lyrics, composed in March 2013. These song is a retelling of the first half of the story "A Sign in Space" by Italian author Italo Calvino, and appears in his work Cosmicomics. It is one of my favourite stories of his - about a being named qfwfq who witnesses some amazing things out in the universe. In "A Sign in Space", he exists so long ago there is basically nothing in the infant universe - so he creates a sign for a myriad amount of reasons. After so many eons he comes back to his sign and it has been vandalized by someone else. So he winds up more-or-less competing against this other entity, creating the notion of art in the process.

There is alot of influence in the neofolk scene drawing inspiration from the likes of Ernst Junger, Stefan George, Carl Jung, Nietzsche, and so on. I wanted draw subject matter from, and honour someone completely different, hence one of the reasons I chose Calvino, who tells the most amazing stories. 

However, I felt I got too ambitious with this song. I am still feeling out what my capabilities are in regards to both song writing and conveying the lyrics via spoken words, and I believe I faltered in many regards: too long of lines, tripping over the "S" sound, too many syllables, and not as much word play as I would like to have had. I personally don't think I did the subject matter great justice, however I am still learning the process and learning what my strengths and weaknesses are. 


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