C.O.I. Informational and Official Links - The official Facebook page of the Ceremony of Innocence project. Regularly maintained by Alex, the best avenue to contact the project and purchase releases. - The official MySpace page of Ceremony of Innocence. A good venue to listen to the project's material. - The Discogs entry on Ceremony of Innocence. - The Blog of Nazgul, a chronicler of all the projects helmed by Alex. Any esoteric information about Ceremony of Innocence can be found here along with a plethora of information on Alex's other musical endeavors as well.

Direct Links to Purchase Ceremony of Innocence Releases

Please consider supporting the project by purchasing the releases or downloading the songs from official sources. These links will be checked constantly to ensure ease at procuring material from this wonderful project. Be sure to try and contact Alex via his Facebook (see above) or via email if he has any COI releases on hand. 

5th Element - Compilation homepage to download this track for free along with other songs on the compilation. 

City Lights
     - Discogs marketplace, but direct from Alex.
     - Discogs marketplace, but direct from Catgirl records.

Der Rote Glanz Der Flammenfee

Ich Tauche Tiefer - free download from the net label division of the Australian DIY label, Smell the Stench. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and uncapsize "Smell the Stench net-releases 300-201. The download is under release 211. 

No Never Not

Our Fire Burns

Passing Through the Interstellar Gas - Discogs marketplace, direct from Catgirl records. 

Other Projects

For Alex - Aside from Ceremony of Innocence, Alex has a plethora of other projects of many styles that he helms. From here you can check out his other work.

Uruk-Hai - Alex's most famous project. Black ambient, black metal, and even at times heavy metal that draws from Tolkien and medieval themes. - Myspace, official

Hrefnesholt - Alpine/ur-folk/neofolk project. Early material mostly ambient, but the project has expanded and evolved their sound. - Facebook, official - Myspace, official

Hrossarsgrani - Battle metal music, a bit of a cross over with sounds and motiffs like in Uruk-Hai, but drawing on different subject matters. 

Eismond - Space ambient music with a hint of black metal. 
Bonemachine / B-Machina - Harsh, industrial noise project. Same project, 2 names over the years. 
Wach - Atmospheric and ambient music. 
Solid Grey - A newer project that traverses the classic gothic territory of the 80s. 
W.A.R. Productions - Alex's own record label that produces not only his material, but other bands as well (like Atomkraft, Seeking Raven, and Trevor Sewell)
For Nicholas - Nicholas' other projects mostly involve writing and academia. You can check out his activities here:
 - blog I maintain about Neofolk and Martial music - about me website

Friends and Supporters

Miel Noir - project Marcel P. is a part of. Marcel has been an advent supporter of Alex's projects, especially C.O.I., as well as a great friend to Nicholas - he is extremely appreciated and deserves acknowledgment. - official website - official Facebook
Onyx - American black ambient/dungeon project. Friend of both Alex and Nicholas and Ceremony of Innocence would like to extend support to this project worth checking out. - official Facebook - official Bandcamp website