2015-11-07 - (Site news) - Honour and Darkness just did a favourable review of the last release, Labyrinth of the Mind. Check it out!

2015-05-12 - (site news) - Lyrics and commentary added for "La Consturera".

2015-04-29 - (band news) - We've been quiet the last couple of months, but things are hopping again. A new COI CD has been released! This is a split CD with the band Onyx, called Labyrinth of the Mind, it has two COI tracks, 2 Onyx tracks, and 1 track done by both bands. The release has been added to the discography, but lyrics and essays still need to be put up. More updates coming!

2014-08-14 - (site news) - It's been a while folks! But a little bit of news, here a review for the last COI single, City Lights from Honour and Darkness. Enjoy!

2014-03-13 - (site news) - Honour and Darkness has done a review of a demo/1 off release of the still unreleased The Dance of the Blue album. Have updated the discography section with a link to it, but you can get to the essay right here:
2014-02-04 - (band news) - A new COI song has been written and composed! The song is called "A Talisman" and can be found in the Song Information or here.  Here's to starting off 2014 with a new song and hoping to make it a successful year this year with a release!

2014-01-27 - (band news) - A little late in the proclamation of this, but City Lights has been officially released! The CD entry has been updated here at the website, along with links added to the Resources section on were to purchase it. Of course, you can always contact Alex directly too!

2013-12-08 - (site news) - Honour and Darkness has an addendum to their Fear of the Deep review at . A link to it has been added to Fear of the Deep's release page. Added a template to the site design to make it look less sterile. 

2013-11-21 - (site news) - A review has just been put up at the Honour and Darkness blog about Passing Through the Intersteller Gas! The release page has been updated with a link to it, and the review can be viewed here:
2013-11-20 - (band news) - City Lights is now listed in the discography, with artwork and tracklisting. The release of this single form Catgirl Sleepless Nights is drawing near! Limited to 20 copies, so please reacch out to either Alex or Daniel at Catgirl to see about reserving a copy!
2013-09-13 - (band news) - New song composed and recorded, called "Meisterstück". Ceremony of Innocence now takes a foray into 70ies funk territory. A page for the song complete with lyrics and commentary is also up. 
2013-08-19 - (site news) - Updated resources page with some links.
2013-07-24 - (site news) - Nazgul over at Honour and Darkness just put up a complimentary review about the Our Fire Burns single. Check it out here: . This link also added to the Our Fire Burns page in the release section. Started to correct spelling errors in the song commentaries. Commentary added for "Double Lives Second Chances". 

2013-07-22 - (site news) - Updates to the resource section. Link to the discogs marketplace to buy a copy of Passing Through the Interstellar Gas. Added a huge section of links to Alex's other projects. Check them all out, they are so many styles and subject matter, there is something for everyone to appreciative. 

2013-07-21 - (band news) - It looks like the new Ceremony of Innocence single/EP is out! Catgirl records updated with a listing of the release, so that means its official! There's a link on the discogs page to buy it, but I'd assume you could contact Daniel at Catgirl directly or even Alex could facilitate getting a copy. Check it out!

2013-06-27 - (site news) - Added the In The Darkroom vol. 1 and The Beat Sounds From Way Out vol. 5 compilations and a placeholder for the song "5th Element". 

2013-06-26 - (site news) - resuming work on the Song Information section, trying to get the place holders in. Started to add compilation information in too, beginning with Minimal Baby

2013-06-15 - (site news) - Added lyrics for "Double Lives Second Chances" and "Japanese Morning". 

2013-06-14 - (site news) - Just procured the domain name Alot easier to remember than!
2013-06-11- (band news) - Completed this morning a new COI track called "Double Lives Second Chances". A foray into some Jazz-like elements!
2013-05-26 - (site news) - Put up some preliminary information on the upcoming Passing Through the Interstellar Gas single. Created a subsection for song information. 
2013-05-21 - (band news) - Alex created a promotional video on Youtube for "Fortuna y Gloria", the video is also linked to the videography section.
2013-05-20 - (band news) - Finished creating a new song called "Fortuna y Gloria". Lots of experimental action going on with this song, with an electro-Latin element and with lyrics and vocals in Spanish. Que raro!
2013-05-16 - (site news) - Added music video for "Burning Water" to the Videography section. 
2013-05-14 - (site news) - Added Fear of the Deep to the releases. 
2013-05-13 - (site news) - Added pages for No Never Not, Ich Tauche Tiefer, and The Dance of the Blue and others. Added a link in the Resources section to download the free track 5th Element from the online compilation In The Dark Room vol. 1. General aesthetics. Uploaded the video for Zeit und Raum up onto Youtube and linked it here. 
2013-05-13 - (band news) - Ceremony of Innocence is releasing a new CDr single called Passing Through the Interstellar Gas on the Catgirl Records Sleepless Nights sublabel of Catgirl Records. Make sure you check out Kaelteeinbruch and Catgirl, both excellent noise projects under the Catgirl Records banner (the mastermind behind Kaelteeinbruch is also the mastermind of this label). Release date is unknown, but should be fairly soon. Catgirl Records is notorious for doing extremely limited editions, so reach out to Alex or Catgirl Records about reserving copies!
2013-05-12 - (site news) - Google Site goes live for Ceremony of Innocence. Just a template, little rough around the edges, but hopefully will grow and be quite a resourceful website.