Alex Wieser (aka Hugin) is an Austrian musician who has ventured into many subaltern genres of music. Black ambient, metal, ur-folk, noise, industrial, pagan battle music, etc. - these are all musical directions explored by his projects such as Uruk-Hai, Bone Machine, Hrefnesholt, and even Hrossharsgrsani. However, Alex has another project in his repertoire. It may not be as well known as his other projects, but it is important to him as it allows an artistic output into some other idiosyncratic styles that is not typically associated with his work: synthpop, EBM, Neue Deutsche Welle, dream-pop, and even some neofolk. This project is called Ceremony of Innocence.

If you're into bands like Chandeen, Sisters of Mercy, Juno Reactor, DE/Vision, Melotron, Pro:activ, Steve Roach, and even spoken word styles like Boyd Rice, then Ceremony of Innocence is definitely worth your while to check out and listen to.

The purpose of this Google-Site is to act as a consolidated, easily accessible website for the Ceremony of Innocence project. There is a breadth of information about the project spread across Facebook, myspace, blogs, youtube channels, and other locales that such a page is necessary to help promote and propagate the musical endeavor. This site is currently being created and maintained by Nicholas Diak. I was invited by Alex in early 2013 to become a session musician for the project, doing spoken words and lyrics. I've been humbled to be a part of the project, and intend to do my best to make it successful, and this website is one attempt at doing so. 

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Releases and Appearances - the albums, singles, EPs, downloads, compilations and splits that Ceremony of Innocence has appeared on. Major releases will have their own page under this subsection
Resources - websites, links, and contacts on where one can find other sources of Ceremony of Innocence information as well as contacts on procuring the project's material
Song Information - Lyrics, individual song commentary, and notes on what releases the songs can be found
Videography - view or read about the music videos done for Ceremony of Innocence

More functionality and updates as this webpage becomes more developed.