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Patterns featuring responsibly produced yarns and fibers

Designed by Deborah E. Burger

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by Crochet: the Extraordinary Realm

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"He has shown thee, oh man, what is good, and what the Lord requires of thee: but to do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God."

~Micah 6:8 

Can we crochet justice and mercy?  I believe so, and here's how:  by using yarns that are produced responsibly.  Responsible production, in my opinion, means that the natural environment is respected in the growing, processing and dying of the yarn; animals involved are treated humanely, and the people whose labor is represented have been fairly paid and treated with dignity.   

When we add to that the love and time involved in making things with our own two hands, I believe we move toward that ideal balance in a life of loving mercy, doing justice and walking humbly.

Patterns now available:


This fashionable beret features two of Peace Fleece's wool yarns.  It crochets up in only a couple of hours, and will complement any wardrobe. The adult sized pattern will fit most heads, with its stretchy ribbing and versatile shape.

 Please be sure to visit the Peace Fleece website:

www.peacefleece.com    to find out about how your purchase of their yarns supports real life work toward "peace among traditional enemies" in various parts of the world. 

Peace Fleece Mesh Cap :  An easy pattern for a cute, lacy, brimmed hat.  Testers found that they could make the pattern in about 2 hours.  It's created from simple stitches.  This pattern uses a little less than half a skein of Peace Fleece Baghdad Blue worsted.  Of course you can use other colors, but your purchase of this particular color provides financial support for one of the most practical programs for peace in the Middle East I have ever seen.  As above, you can learn the details at the Peace Fleece website.  Can we crocheters end the wars in the Middle East?  Not by ourselves, but we can support people who are living out the answers to the recurrent causes of conflict in that region: an intentionally multicultural village in Palestine, half of whose residents are Jewish and half Palestinian, their school the only bilingual, bicultural school in the region.  This beautiful yarn, the color named for the sky over Baghdad, supports the village and school.

FREE pattern:   PeaceFleeceMeshCap.pdf

By the way, I have no official affiliation with Peace Fleece, except my respect for the work they do.