This site is part of the Hypermedia Texts Project with CERCLL (Center for Educational Resources in Culture, Language, and Literacy) at the University of Arizona. Here you will find an array of materials and sample lesson plans for working with hypermedia texts in the teaching of language and culture.You will also find suggestions for working with TIARA, an annotation created by the BYU Arclite team in collaboration with CERCLL project directed by Dr. Chantelle Warner of the University of Arizona. Collaborators include Dr. Roby Ariew (U. Arizona), Dr. Katia da Costa Bezerra (U. Arizona), Dr. Asli Iğsiz (NYU), Dr. Sonia Shiri (U. of Arizona), Mohammed Tamimi (U. of Arizona), Zuleima Gonzalez (U. of Arizona) and Ilker Hepkaner (U. of Arizona). Additional support was given by the Center for Latin American Studies, the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, and the College of Humanities at the University of Arizona and the National Middle Eastern Language Resource Center (NMELRC) at Brigham Young University. 

Project at a Glance

In this current age of globalization, where meanings traffic easily but superficially, foreign language learners need to develop the ability to respond to complex utterances and the agility to orient themselves to the subjective and historical resonances that they bear. This poses pedagogical problems for language teachers, who must somehow situate the learners in new social worlds.

With this in mind, the Hypermedia Texts for Learning Language and Culture project strives to create culturally annotated hypermedia texts and accompanying pedagogical materials for teaching language and culture, using The Interactive Annotated Reading Application (TIARA). TIARA is a user-friendly browser software created by the BYU Arclite Lab with support from CERCLL and the NMELRC. By decentering the cultural background information that is provided to the students through hypermedia annotations, the texts and lessons on this site seek to promote cultural literacy through the “interpretive mode,” “the ability to read (or listen) between the lines" with the goal of fostering perceptive and aware language users.

Beyond these pedagogical goals, the different texts and lessons created as part of the Hypermedia Texts project all represent different languages and different pedagogical perspectives. Peruse our "Teaching Materials" page for examples.

Current Project Objectives

  • texts and materials for Arabic
  • texts and materials for German
  • texts and materials for Portuguese
  • texts and materials for Turkish 
  • texts and materials Hebrew

Interested in collaborating? 

We are looking for new hypertexts and pedagogical materials--especially but not exclusively for languages, which are not already featured in the project. If you are interested in working with TIARA, contact Chantelle Warner at warnerc@email.arizona.edu.