BUDAPEST ( Apàczai Csere Janos)



Nowadays discrimination appears as a frequent accompaniment of our world, mainly in Europe, where most of the countries have problems with the ethnics living there. For example with Arabians in France, the Turkish in Germany, the Gypsies in Hungary, etc. But exclusion appears in every place where we judge the other because of their different custom, behaviour or clothing. Now we’re going to read out a story about a bigger, a growing problem in our country; we wrote this story about the gypsy ethnic group and we’re trying to imagine how they can see our world, how they can see their lives distained by the majority and where this behaviour would lead us.


 It’s two o’clock now, at last the bell rang. This day was boring, too, mainly because I sit alone in the classroom. We’re odd in the class and that’s why someone always has to sit alone. But now I can get out of here and go home! Dad told me that I should be at home as soon as possible but first I’m gonna check whether there are the others on the football pitch and maybe I could play with them. Unfortunately, as I arrived, they had to go somewhere. And I can’t really play football alone even if I have a ball to play with.I started my journey home by metro. The cool thing is that my bag also has a place to be put down. It seems people like letting children to sit down. And they always look at me. I don’t really understand why they’re watching. Is there anything odd, weird or funny on my clothes? I can only conclude this from their strange and staring eyes. And I’ve noticed that people like spitting. Especially on the streets when they go pass me. Once I thought about somebody that he did this directly but then I found out that I could not be his target because he didn’t even look at me. People are bizarre but it’s good to observe them. I realised it was cool to beguile the time by this, chiefly while I’m on my own, which happens more and more because the others are busy all the time.In the underground the crowd was watching me again but I didn’t know its reason, as I said earlier. I looked myself up and down to check whether there is a junk on me and I did the same in a store window. Then the cashier inside reacted curiously and maybe he cried something, too... I don’t care, I continued my way home.Metro, “Smelly and noisy but it’s ours.” – They say. And I must add something else: overcrowded. But there was a free place for me and for my bag... others rather stand after a hard day. Well, they know it better than I do.I arrived home. It seems there’s a guest in our house! Possibly I won’t be bored this evening. Oops, I haven’t expected this: many strange, vicious-faced guys are inside; I have never seen them before. As I enter, they gather round and poke me! At this moment I recognise father lying on the ground in front of those men’s feet with bleeding head. They injured him?! Bu... but why? Has he done something terrible?... I don’t think so ‘because my daddy is an extremely honest person. I’m trying to help him uselessly; they don’t let me do anything: they catch me then push me away. They’re attacking dad, who has just tried to defend me with all his power. Suddenly a knife appears from one of the strangers’ pocket. I’m captured by fear and terror; that kind of fear and terror which get the mastery over their victims when their love’s life is in danger. I’m afraid of the moment which can cause the sudden death of my father. God would take him away and set him down next to His Throne up there in Heaven, as Granny told me at the time of Grandpa’s death. But I would definitely miss him! We need more time to spend it together! He cannot pass away! I’ll help you Daddy! I’m crying and I’m shouting loudly. I jump in front of Dad to save his life. They injure me; they stab me with that silver blade. It hurts... hurts so much. Something warm is flowing along my body. My blood is running out of its vessel. Now I’m weak... I’ve lost... I collapsed. Is it the end? Yes – I hear a voice. It sounds from the Light and calls me encouragingly and suggests me that I’ve just found Peace... I died. But  why?  Because of the colour of my skin.










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