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Theme    :  Zion Founded On The Mountains
Speaker    :  Rev Andrew Lanning
Venue      :  Awana Genting Highlands, Malaysia

No.Date Title Bible Text Download or Listen
 1 12 Jun 2017Message 1 -  The Founding Of ZionPsa 87:1;
Psa 48:1,2
Click Here
 2 13 Jun 2017Message 2 - The Unity Of ZionPsa 133Click Here
 3 13 Jun 2017Message 3 - The Redemption Of Zion

Isa 1:25-27Click Here
 4 14 Jun 2017 Message 4 - Prayer For ZionPsa 122:6-9Click Here

Camp Speaker's Address

Zion founded on the mountains.....

Is there anything on earth as solid and enduring as the mighty mountains? Is there anything as majestic and strong? Rising above the earth, the mountains stand as a testament to the power of their Maker. No wonder that God chose the mountains as the foundation of His city, His church, His Zion. With her foundation in the mountain, Zion can never be moved. So the church, with he foundation in the Rock, the Lord Jesus Christ, can never be moved.

God thy maker loves thee well....

As we gather for our annual Church Camp, we are reminded that the church did not male herself. She has a Maker, a Creator, who formed her in love. As members of that church, united to our Saviour by faith, we enjoy His everlasting love. What a glorious gift to be a member of such a beloved church, with such a mighty Maker.

He hath chosen thee most precious.....

How did we come to be the objects of God's love? Not by any good or pleasant thing in us, for we are fallen in Adam and dead in sin by nature. The reason for God's love can be found in God alone. In His own sovereign good pleasure, He has chosen us to be His precious possession.

He delights in thee to dwell.....

We look forward to a week of good fellowship as we dwell together in our Church Camp. What a wonder that God also delights to dwell with His people! The bond of our fellowship, the sweetness of our fellowship, the joy of our fellowship is God Himself among us! With powerful cords of love He draws us to Himself in covenant fellowship, not only here at our Church Camp, but especially as we worship in His house.

God's own city, who can all thy glory tell?

God's own city, who can all thy glory tell?

Let us come together this week to study the glory of Zion, which is really the glory of Zion's Maker. To God be glory!

Warmly in Chirst,

Pastor Lanning

(Selections taken from Psalter #237, Stanza 1)