About Cerberus 5 -C5-

The Cerberus 5 is an elite group of gamers who take pride in integrity, honesty, and honor in gaming. As Armed Assault (ArmA2 OA) players, we value a unique approach to maps and tactics. If you're an ArmA2 OA player, be sure to join us online and see what we're all about. Filter "Cerberus5" and look for the original C5 server.

A Variety of C5 Custom Games...

While we are notorious for our custom maps and features, we require very few special mods to play here at C5, if you look at the top of web page you will see any that may be needed download them and join us, if you need help join us in ts3 we are glad to help.

In our C5-Style AAS maps, you'll find special factories at the home base spawns where you can create any vehicle you choose. Depending on the map, you'll find aircraft factories, armor factories and light vehicle factories. Also keep your eyes peeled for para-jumps that will allow you to spawn in the air over any part of the map you choose.

We've created an "AAS Capture & Hold" style of game in which capturing all of the AAS bases do not immediately end the game. The AAS bases are for strategic spawn points. The game is timed, with each team gaining points for the number of sectors held over the set time limit. The high score at the end of the game wins.

We often play "Capture & Hold 3 Team" maps. Opfor fights against Blufor who fight against Rebels.  These maps are among some of our most unique in play and feel.

On occasion we play old-school deathmatch games in specially designed CQB areas reminiscent of Quake or Doom style man made layouts.

Our love of variety extends from CQB focused maps to vehicle intensive maps, to sniper friendly maps, to combinations of perfection for all play styles.  Have a suggestion for a play style or layout?  Let us know!  We are constantly developing new and unique maps and games to suit a variety of tastes.

In Arma 2, filter 'Cerberus5' and check out the variety of unique games we've created.  Also feel free to join us in TS, and speak up when you've got questions.  You'll find the friendly folks around here are more than happy to help!