Pressure Cooking Salmon

pressure cooking salmon
    pressure cooking
  • By increasing the pressure in an enclosed vessel, the boiling temperature is increased leading to decrease in cooking time.
  • (pressure-cook) cook in a pressure cooker
  • using steam under a locked lid to produce high temperatures to accomplish a fast cooking time
  • any of various large food and game fishes of northern waters; usually migrate from salt to fresh water to spawn
  • A large edible fish that is a popular game fish, much prized for its pink flesh. Salmon mature in the sea but migrate to freshwater streams to spawn
  • The flesh of this fish as food
  • Any of a number of fishes that resemble the true salmons, in particular
  • pink-orange: of orange tinged with pink
  • a tributary of the Snake River in Idaho
pressure cooking salmon - Cooking Under
Cooking Under Pressure (20th Anniversary Edition)
Cooking Under Pressure (20th Anniversary Edition)
From the leading authority on speed cooking comes the groundbreaking cookbook that inspired a generation of cooks—now updated and revised for today's tastes and sleek, ultrasafe machines
From the elegant to the ethnic to the traditional, Cooking Under Pressure contains a wealth of flavor-packed recipes for fast, healthy, and delicious meals developed for the modern pressure cooker—a magical appliance that turns out foods in one-third (or less) the standard cooking time without sacrificing flavor or aroma. Lorna Sass introduces us to an eclectic array of dishes that can be prepared on a whim, including classic osso buco (18 minutes), chicken gumbo (9 minutes), and risotto (4 minutes, without stirring!). Even chocolate cheesecake and Grand Marnier bread pudding are done to perfection in short order. Plus, the dramatically shortened cooking times make it possible to prepare cholesterol-free, high-fiber ingredients such as grains and beans at the last minute. The pressure cooker is the cook's best friend!

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Salmon by the sea
Salmon by the sea
Dining at Grandpa's, very tasty too! Tasty it may have been - but it looks a bit sparse to me; baked salmon fillet (courtesy of Morrisons), pressure cooked new potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and broad beans served on a plastic plate on the kitchen table! Hardly cordon bleu! However my grandson seemed to enjoy it so I tried it out a few weeks later on two lady visitors from Ipswich whom I had rather rashly invited to stay to lunch. I was helping them research my old regiment in which their fathers, who had recently died, had served with me during World War II. Mind you, for them I produced the best china and cutlery and used posh place mats and a pristine table cloth. The first course was followed by strawberries served either with yoghurt or ice cream (they both settled for ice cream!) They seemed to enjoy it all too.
Nara - Naramachi: Hiraso - Kakinoha Zushi
Nara - Naramachi: Hiraso - Kakinoha Zushi
Kakinoha Zushi (?????) is a Nara delicacy. A form of pressed sushi made of rice seasoned with vinegar and slices of salmon, salted mackarel and sea bream on top, formed in the shape of a cube and wrapped with a "kakinoha" or persimmon leaf. Persimmon leaves contain tannin which acts as a natural antibacterial agent. They also contain vitamin C helps control high blood pressure. The mackerel used in Kakinoha Zushi is prepared according to a special method, kept secret by those who make it, and the reason this sushi variety can only be found in Nara. Hiraso, at 30-1 Imamikadocho, is known for their kakinoha-zushi and kakisuga (a seasonal delicacy of dried persimmon, dusted with kuzu or arrowroot powder and cooked tempura style).

pressure cooking salmon
pressure cooking salmon
Pressure Cookers For Dummies
Pressure Cookers For Dummies gives you the lowdown on the different types of pressure cookers that exist. It also has special features of pressure cookers -- including new safety valves -- to make sure you get the modern pressure cooker best equipped to suit your needs. It includes 80 delicious recipes for quick dishes such as, soups, chilis, and stews; roasts and poultry; rice dishes; beans; vegetables; and desserts, jams, and compotes. Pressure Cookers For Dummies offers tips on adapting your favorite recipes plus several comparison recipes -- made the traditional way. Every recipe Includes preparation times, cooking times, and nutrition information.

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