Ceramic Greenware

  • Unfired pottery
  • Pottery that has been shaped but not yet fired, especially while it is drying prior to being fireable; A form of Chinese pottery having a green glaze
  • Porcelain after being removed from the mold, before the first firing.
  • Unfired pottery that is bone-dry, a state in which clay forms are the most fragile.
  • Made of clay and hardened by heat
  • an artifact made of hard brittle material produced from nonmetallic minerals by firing at high temperatures
  • of or relating to or made from a ceramic; "a ceramic dish"
  • Of or relating to the manufacture of such articles
  • (ceramics) the art of making and decorating pottery
ceramic greenware ceramic greenware - Sax True
Sax True Flow Gloss Glaze - 4 oz Jars - Set of 10 Colors
Sax True Flow Gloss Glaze - 4 oz Jars - Set of 10 Colors
Sax True Flow No-Lead glazes are unusually bright and vibrant for a non-toxic, no-lead series. They meet the FDA standards set for food. Dinnerware safe, when fired to a Cone 06- 05. As the awareness of potential health hazards in the art field grows, the need for glazes that are dinnerware safe becomes more and more important.Traditionally "no-lead" glazes are very muted tones. This is why we think you'll be as excited about the Sax True Flow No-Lead series as we are. Convenient liquid form glazes in pint containers. Bright, vibrant colors at budget-saving prices!

Greenware, drying
Greenware, drying
Lookit two of my new soap dishes!
greenware collection
greenware collection
ready for the kiln
ceramic greenware
Magic mender low fire for bisque or greenware 4 oz. screw cap jar
Magic Mender instructions: Do not wet the piece to be mended. Magic mender is pre mixed, so there is no need to add slip or clay. Apply magic Mender to both sides with a soft brush. Do not over apply. Press two sides together, when mender beads out of both sides you have full coverage. Hold together a minute or two until they remain joined. If greenware remove excess immediately. Clean. If bisque let mender dry completely, then clean it as you would clean greenware. Fire the piece when mender is completely dry. You may apply color before firing. Fire the piece to the proper cone of the slip. (Up to 02 or 03 ~2048 degrees) For Ceramics, Greenware, Bisque. Repairs ~ Add-ons ~ Attaching flower, ribbons ect. ~ Repairs broken pieces ~ Fixes hairline cracks ~ Attaches greenware to greenware ~ Attaches greenware to bisque ~ Attaches bisque to bisque ~ Removes hard spots ~ acts like a wood putty for larger area fill-ins. Will fire up to cone 02 (2048 degrees) How to fix: Hard spots~Apply a thin smooth coat of mender over the area. Broken stilts~ apply mender and fire You must fire menders to become permanent.