Welcome to the first, basic attempt at instituting a website for Local 592. Using a free site like Google  Pages means that there will be some limitations but also, hopefully, a bit easier implementation for me since I don't really want to delve deeply into HTML or see the Local having to purchase web space and a web publishing program. We'll see how this works.

Currently, I'm not real sure what to put up here that is a whole lot different from the blog. I'll provide the links to the Forward Look and the blog site in the column to the right and will also see if there is anyway to actually just have the whole, current Forward Look sitting on a page of its own without having to download a PDF.

Web sites should be updated regularly to keep them current. That is what has made blogging so popular. To  keep this site current requires suggestions and contributions, otherwise it will just be another linking site and the blog does that better and easier and is more current.

So, offer up your ideas, suggestions and contributions to make this a meaningful web site for the membership. Otherwise, it will just stagnate.

Tim Thompson                                                                          

Recording Secretary

(You will note that the date of creation of this website shows November 19, 2006. I set this up as a place to upload the Forward Look pdfs so they could be linked to on the blog. But that is about as far as it ever went and the site was never published to the web until now.)

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NEXT MEETING:                            Monday March 17 7:00 P.M.

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