Centre for Popular Education and Human Rights, Ghana

Welcome to CEPEHRG!
Centre for Popular Education and Human Rights - Ghana [CEPEHRG] was formed on the premise of combating the impact of AIDS in Ghana as a contribution to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) number six and also to help achieve universal access to HIV prevention, treatment and care services. In addition, it is committed to the promotion of equality and diversity in Ghana. CEPEHRG’s value is based on the provision of human rights awareness through popular education methodology.
Since establishment, CEPEHRG has been committed to providing direct services to young people and most at risk populations. The organization is uniquely known for providing human rights education and HIV awareness through interactive theater, reaching about 6000 individuals across Ghana annually. To this end, CEPEHRG was recognized in 2008 by the prestigious Red Ribbon Award (RRA) delivered by UNDP and its partners every two years.

Vision Statement

CEPEHRG envision a liberal society that provides friendly sexual and reproductive health rights services for all persons regardless of gender, sexuality, orientation, age, tribe, or religion.

Mission Statement
To improve and expand the provision of human
rights and HIV and AIDS services for young people,
and most at risk populations through information,
education and empowerment.