Software Collection

Ira David Socol

Teaching and Research Assistant, Michigan State University College of Education


Free Literacy Software


Speech Enabled within Acrobat Reader


Adobe Acrobat Reader with Speech (v. 9.x or 8.x):

Netbook (Adobe Reader for Project Gutenberg)


Microsoft Reader with RMR, Dictionaries, Text to Speech


Download the basic program - (desktop or laptop) - or - (tablet PC)

Then download the Text-to-Speech (TTS) software -

Then the Dictionaries (the Encarta if you want right-click word definition) - -

Finally, right-now for Word2000 or Word2003 only, the "RMR" tool, which puts a toolbar icon in your Microsoft Word which allows instant conversion of any text into the E-book format - - Microsoft folks assure me that a Word2007 version is on the way.

Natural Reader Free Version (install Free Version Only)

When using Natural Reader you do not have to cut and paste information into a box to be read. You simply select the text you want to hear and use the floating “MiniBoard” to start the reading program.


Read Please Free

Requires you to cut and paste text into a window for reading.


Firefox 3 with CLiCk-Speak, and translation, and dictionary (Install Firefox Browser)

Click speak is a text reader embedded in the Firefox web browser. (Install CLiCk, Speak) (Install gTranslate) (Dictionary Lookup Extension) (Dictionary Switcher)

at least 75 language dictionaries can be added to Firefox and controlled with the Dictionary Switcher which allows “flag click” switching (Google Map Locator) (Awesome Highlighter) (Accessibar)


Alternative Speaking Browser


Opera Browser with speech  (must be enabled through download in tools menu)


Word Talk

Free text-to-speech plugin that works with all versions of Microsoft Word (from Word 97 and up). It speaks and highlights the text of the document when it is used. It also contains a talking dictionary to help determine which word spelling is most appropriate. New version allows text to be converted to speech and saved as an MP3 for portability.



Free Text-To-Speech and Speech Recognition



Reader for PowerPoint presentations


Amis - Free Daisy Reader for Windows

install directions see


Talking Calculator


Graphing Calculator



Free USB Flash Drive based Accessibility Suites


Access Apps, LearnApps, and TeachApps are freeware suites developed by RSC Scotland to support learners with a variety of differences, and those who teach them. These suites download to your computer and are then installed on any 2gb or larger flash drive. Plug into any PC and access is there.


Free Writing Supports


Click-N-Type – the on-screen, programmable keyboard

basic program

word prediction list

typing sounds keyboard preference

Speech package American English Male

Speech package American English Female

KeyCaps Internal Files

British English Speech Packs

Language Packs install both Spanish, Portuguese, French (traditional, Canadian), Algerian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese with speech supports and multi-language administrator



Add-On Microsoft Word context-based spellcheck for dyslexia and English Language Learners (Free to Schools). Also available as a free Website to check spelling



Phone-based on-screen keypad for text-entry with disambiguating predictive spelling



Phone-based on-screen keypad for text-entry with disambiguating predictive spelling




Paid Literacy Software Applications



Full-featured Literacy Support System (Read/Write/Web) with dual-level text highlighting, advanced voices, study supports, scanning, and “exact view”



Full-featured Literacy Support System (Read/Write/Web) which operates within other desktop programs.




On-Line Bookmarks


Free Text-To-MP3 Conversion




Free Digital Libraries


Gutenberg Australia


Accessible Book Collection (requires free educational registration)


Online Books at the University of Pennsylvania

LibriVox (AudioBooks) -

Free Classic Audio Books -

Literature Network -

Bookshare (Free to Schools for Students with Print Disabilities) -



Ghotit -

Webspiration -



Phone-based Reading Supports



Dial2Do allows non-readers to send text messages. For free. Sign up at and then call their number and speak your text and tell them where to send it. An essential employment tool for those who struggle with print, also for anyone who drives.


AbbyMe is the reverse of Dial2Do, it allows "you" (or a boss) to text a voice message to a non-reader. For free. Sign up, or just use the service, at  You type the message, AbbyMe calls the person and speaks it.





TopOCR - - can be added to SmartPhones to allow the phones to function as mobile text-to-speech scanners.







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