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Organic and Non-linear Electronics and Optoelectronics

Nonlinear Electronics and Optoelectronics

Our research activity covers semiconductor devices, electronics, optoelectronics, micowave-photonics, and complex nonlinear dynamical systems, with interest in the following areas of application:

  •     Electronic and optoelectronic devices and circuits;
  •     Complex systems, chaos, and synchronization;
  •     Delayed feedback optoelectronic oscillators;
  •     Information and communication technologies.

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Organic Electronics

The idea in the organic electronics part of the research is characterizing new organic materials for modern electronics. Such "plastic electronics" should, in principle, find applications in low-cost areas such as electronic bar codes. However, plastics, as we all know, have properties that can be tailor made and thus also create their own market, in, for example, flexible electronics or displays. As an example is the major advance in printed electronics using standard printing techniques such as offset printing, etc. This kind of electronic devices can only be made with organic materials.

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