Here you can find a brief description of our laboratories

Electronics and Radio-frequency

The electronics and radio-frequency laboratory houses all the equipment necessary to characterize optoelectronic devices. These include

  •     RF spectrum analyzer: Anritsu MS 2668C
  •     Oscilloscope: Agilent Infinium 86100 A
  •     Differential TDR Module: Agilent 54754 A
  •     Pulse pattern generator: Agilent 81133 A
  •     High power pulse generator: Agilent 81133 A
  •     Wire honding machine: TPT HB02
  •     Optical spectrum analyzer: Anritsu MS 9710B
  •     Optical to electrical converter: Agilent 83440D
  •     Tunable diode laser: ThorLabs ECL 1525 -SM
  •     Mach-Zehnder phase modulator: Covega 2942
  •     Mach-Zehnder intensity modulator: JDS Uniphase 2942


The optics laboratory contains all the necessary equipment for setting up classical optics and spectroscopy experiments. These include:

  • Lenses, mounts, prisms, mirrors, beam-splitters, etc.
  • Optical Table: Melles-Griot 07 OTM 501
  • Diode laser mounts: Thorlabs TCLD M9
  • Diode laser current source: Thorlabs LDC 205
  • Diode laser temperatura controller: Thorlabs TED 200
  • CCD camera: Ophir Beamstar FX 66
  • White light source: Ocean Optics HL-2000-FHSA-LL
  • Motion conrol unit: Newport ESP 300
  • Rotation stage: Newport URS100PP
  • Lock-in amplifier: SRS 830
  • Digital programmable filter: SRS 650
  • Photo-multiplier tubes: Hamamatsu H5784-20, H7826-01
  • Digital oscilloscope: Picoscope 3206
  • Spectrometers: Ocean Optics usb4000, usb2000+, Hamamatsu C9405CA
  • FTIR spectrometer: Hamamatsu C12606-02
  • Optical chopper: Thorlabs MC 2000
  • Ar-ion laser: Melles Griot 43
  • Photodiode Amplifier: Thorlabs PDA200C
  • Avalanche photodiode: Menlo APD-110