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Networks and Systems

Short Description

The Networks & Systems group joins a group of researchers from the computer-communication networks, mathematics and computer science in order to improve communication systems and networks in general. Cutting across the boundaries of these scientific domains, we develop algorithmic foundations and computational methods using optimization techniques or adaptive approaches to enhance network issues like resource utilization, fault-tolerance, fairness, quality of service, energy saving, among others, with applications ranging from Internet access to emerging technologies such as wireless sensors and mesh networks. The Networks & Systems group is responsible for the research line "Bio-inspired Networks and Systems".

The main areas of research include
  • Provision of efficient communication over (mainly, at this stage) hybrid access network architectures.
  • Provision of QoS aware and predictive congestion control schemes in communication networks.
  • Integration of wireless sensor networks, mesh networks, and the Internet.
  • The use of (multiobjective) optimization techniques for effective resource utilization.
  • Application of artificial intelligent techniques for multiservice networks.

Members of the Research Group

Coordinator: Noélia Correia

 Name (alphabetic order)Main areas of expertise
 Alvaro Barradas
Computer-communication networks; Protocols, services and applications; Network architectures; Discrete modelling and simulation; Computer programming.
 Gabriela Schutz
Combinatorial optimization; Network modelling and analysis; Game theory; Heuristica and metaheuristics.
 José V. Oliveira
Computational intelligence; Machine learning
 Noélia Correia
Computer-communication networks; Protocols, services and applications; Network algorithms and optimization; Game theory; Heuristics; Network modelling and analysis.

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Main areas of expertise

Recent Publications

N. Carvalho, G. Schütz and N. Correia, "Vehicle Routing with Backup Provisioning Using Wireless Sensor Infrastructure", IEEE ICCVE 2014, Austria (accepted)

S. Sabino, N. Correia and A. Barradas, "Frequency Assignment in Multi-Channel and Multi-Radio FiWi Access Networks", CISTI, Barcelona, 18-21 June 2014, Spain.

J. Coimbra, G. Schütz and N. Correia, "Energy Efficient Routing Algorithm for Fiber-Wireless Access Networks: A Network Formation Game Approach", Computer Networks, Elsevier, Vol. 60, February 2014.

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A. Barradas, N. Correia, J. Coimbra and G. Schütz, "A Load Adaptive and Fault Tolerant Framework for Energy Saving in Fiber-Wireless Access Networks", IEEE/OSA Journal of Optical Communications and Networking, Vol. 5, No. 9, September 2013.

J. Coimbra, G. Schütz and N. Correia, "A Game-Based Algorithm for Fair Bandwidth Allocation and QoS Support in Fibre-Wireless Access Networks", Optical Swiching and Networking, Elsevier, Vol. 10, No. 2, February 2013.

G. Schütz and N. Correia, "Design of QoS-Aware Energy-Efficient Fiber-Wireless Access Networks", IEEE/OSA Journal of Optical Communications and Networking, Vol. 4, No. 8, August 2012.

J. Coimbra, G. Schütz and N. Correia, "Network Game Based Routing for Energy Efficient Fibre-Wireless Access Networks", IEEE ICC, Ottawa 10-15 June 2012, Canada.

J. Coimbra, G. Schütz and N. Correia, "Forwarding Repeated Game for End-to-End QoS Support in Fiber-Wireless Access Networks", IEEE GLOBECOM, Miami 6-10 December 2010, USA.

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M. T. Almeida; G. Schutz and F. D. Carvalho,"Cell suppression problem: A genetic-based approach", Computers and Operations Research, vol.35, pp. 1613-1623, 2008

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