Stanley Rao - Stanley Rao Article on Marketing Outsourcing

Stanley Rao Says Marketing Outsourcing Propels ROI

With the world changing rapidly, technology impacting everything we do and proliferating choices confronting customers, enterprises ought to trigger creative brains to cope up. Despite the efforts of the companies, there is a slowdown in growth demanding something more in business.

How will companies maintain satisfactory progress if they aren’t meticulously organized from a marketing perspective?

The solution is “Marketing Outsourcing

Marketing Outsourcing is the utilization of a marketing expert for the prime purpose of providing a company with marketing expertise, without needing to add the fixed overhead.

Benefits of Marketing Outsourcing:

  • Expertise: Knock into superfluous expertise in marketing strategy and implementation, as well as design. An in-house employee may not develop the required skills you need; outsourcing to an experienced will absolutely infuse your organization with new ideas. You can introduce afresh any innovative marketing and sales approaches to your customers and business partners.

  • New Perspective: Get an outside perspective on your business. Sometimes you can get too close to your business and not see your marketing strategies, programs or materials from your audience’s perspective. Even though you may know your business inside and out, your perspective might still be one-sided. To market successfully to your current audience and capture new market, you need to step into your customers’ shoes. Having a group on the outside helps you to give the customers’ perspective.

  • Cut Down Capital: Minimize the impact of marketing staff reductions. By outsourcing, you can find qualified, experienced resources that can come in support for your marketing needs so that the effort, money and energy you‘ve already invested don’t go waste.

  • Strategy: Draw on outside experience with “what works and doesn’t work” scenarios. Whether it’s planning, copywriting or design the outsource team will have had experience with a variety of different marketing and communication strategies, techniques and tools. You can rely on their lessons over the years to find the correct solution for your business challenge.

  • Maintain The Momentum: With critical projects – they’ll never fall to the wayside, drop down the priority list, or become forgotten. When you outsource your marketing relationships, you have one centralized team as your partner, and your knowledge assets remain protected and archived for future use.

  • Hire When Necessary: Finding an outsourcing partner allows you the flexibility to bring on talented, knowledgeable experts exactly when and where you need them. And you don’t have to manage or train the entire team – the ‘outsource’ firm does that while you focus on the daily needs of running your own business and generating revenue.

  • Improve Your Focus: Outsourcing helps you to focus on the core competencies of your business. Talk to your customers or your sales team. You can then provide strategic, insightful direction and play to your strength. You’ll help to reduce your risks and maximize the return on investment in your marketing programs with input from the front line.

  • Kick-Start Your Marketing Instantly: Outsourcing gives you access to experienced marketing professionals who can quickly develop plans and campaigns on the tightest of schedules.

Organizations That Can Benefit From Marketing Outsourcing:

  • Small and medium enterprises that do not have an internal marketing set-up.

  • Companies that are growing rapidly and require additional assistance in managing growth.

  • Large organizations that are downsizing and require additional marketing support as a supplement to their existing marketing set-up.

  • Companies that are growing rapidly and require additional assistance in managing growth.


Marketing Outsourcing provides a genuine alternative to developing marketing tasks. It is cost effective and efficient. It is the way of future. Specialized marketing resources will work together with company management to ensure success for the entire organization and stake holders.