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Legal Dictionary from Prof.Bernard's Jurist site


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 Tips for Law Students Surviving Law School

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Sri Lanka Law College 

Acts of Sri Lanka 1985 onwards

International Bar Association , (IBA) London

Bar Association of Sri Lanka

World Jurist Association

Some very useful legal sites

Independent legal advice pulled together from more than 150 separate web sites.

Community Legal Service
Just Ask - directory of solicitors, advice agencies and information providers across England and Wales.

Law Centres Federation
Co-ordinating body for law centres in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Employment Lawyers Association
Organisation for solictiors and barristers practising employment law, and organisations engaged in the practice of employment law.

Institute of Employment Rights
Idependent charity examining new ideas in labour law.

National Citizens Advice Bureaux
Online legal advice database from CAB network.

Religion or belief in the workplace (Acas guidance)

Sexual orientation and the workplace (Acas guidance)

Tailored Interactive Guidance on Employment Rights
User-friendly guide to UK employment law, provided by Acas.

European Comission
Home page of the European Commission.

European Comission (UK Representation)
The commission has offices, known as representations, in London, Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh.

European Court of Human Rights
Includes database of case law on European Convention on Human Rights.

European Court of Justice
Interprets European Union law. Also includes the Court of First Instance.

European Parliament
Home page of the EU's law-making body.

European Union
Home page of the European Union.

Department for Education and Skills
Government department with responsibility for education, training and lifelong learning.

Department of Trade and Industry
Information for consumers, businesses, employees and anyone with an interest in the world of work.

Inland Revenue
News and information on tax and national insurance matters in the UK.

Acts of parliament
Full text of UK acts of parliament, supplied by HMSO.

Employment Appeal Tribunal
Handles appeals against decisions of employment tribunals and the certification officer.

Employment tribunals

Acas (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service)
Arbitration and concilliation service dedicated to resolving employee relations disputes.

Central Arbitration Committee
Statutory body that adjudicates on statutory recognition and derecognition of trade unions for collective bargaining purposes.


Companies House
Registers and provides company information.


Criminal Records Bureau
Eexecutive agency of the Home Office that helps employers to vet job applicants who may be unsuitable for certain work.

Information Commissioner
Promotes good information handling and encourages the development of codes of practice for data controllers.

Work Permits UK
Based in Sheffield, England, administers work permit arrangements in the UK. Part of the Immigration and Nationality Directorate of the Home Office.