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 Seven Christian Principles of Transformation

Myers and Briggs Personality types & the Gospels

American Association of Christian Counsellors A great counselling source


Freedom  Bible College, USA online catalog FBCS-USA Online Catalog

Lanka Bible College Library A large collection of books on many subjects which you may order


Shroud of Turin- main web site  

Online Bible from Bibles net


Christian Classics- Augustine, John Bunyan, Chesterton, Johnathan Edwards, George Fox, Ignatius of Loyola, John of the Cross, Thomas Kepis, William Law & Lawrence

Over 18,000 Sermons- from Andrew Murray, Spurgeon, Finney & Moody to hundreds of others

Homiletics -Do's and don'ts

 An excellent site on Da Vinci and many other topics related to Theology - over 250 Ref on Theology- Ideal for students of Theology

Click here for Theology  pages covering Prolegomena, Bibliology, Theology proper, Christology, Anthropology & Harmartiology, Soteriology, Ecclesiology and Eschatology


Another marvellous site for your deep study

Christian answers net with over 40,000 files 

DA VINCI CODE     Gospel of Judas

All On Bible Codes


 A new Bible Search Engine

 A very informative Bible site Bible & Science, Family values, Leadership, Bible facts

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 Daily Bread Devotional

  Institute of Creation Research

  Dr.Grant Jeffrey

  Noah's Ark Latest Research