Huang Xiang and William Rock

The Century Mountain Project

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The Century Mountain Project honors the greatness in us as human beings that has made itself evident throughout the centuries in the form of great creators, thinkers, leaders, discoverers--essentially people who stood out like mountains throughout the centuries.  This ongoing collaborative artwork between one of the greatest poets of 20th century China, Huang Xiang and  American artist, William Rock, is a celebration of the vast potential that is in each one of us.  It has no cultural, gender or race distinctions. 

After they discuss and select a subject, William Rock will paint the portrait and Huang Xiang will add his poetry, which pertains to the person portrayed, with his masterful calligraphy.  The artists share an inherent trust and experiential of humanities 'source' that allows them to create art that unites, connects and celebrates humanity.  Mozart, Van Gogh, Lincoln, Gandhi, Emily Dickinson, you and I are connected.  Let's all climb Century Mountain.