TPR word alignment

YAWAT Word Alignment Tool

browse and manually correct the word alignments of the TPR-DB with YAWAT:

go to the page:
    user: TPRDB
    password: tprdb

This user is only allowed to view the TPR-DB content.
Contact mc.ibc[at] to obtain an account that allows you to upload your studies and to change the word alignments.

To generate a TPR-DB from the tpd management tool with your account follow these instructions.
You can also generate a TPR-DB from logging data using perl scripts

In the YAWAT tool use left mouse cursors to open and modify the alignments, use right mouse button to close the alignment and click the "done" button to confirm the changes.

NOTE: Please use Firefox to work with YAWAT (avoid IExplorer or Chrome).

Ulrich Germann Yawat. 2008. Yet Another Word Alignment Tool Proceedings of the ACL-08: HLT Demo Session (Companion Volume) , pages 20–23. Association for Computational Linguistics