TPR-DB Features

The CRITT TPR-DB contains a large number (over 200 at the last count) of features which can be used to describe and model behaviour during translation. These features are continuously improved in order to make the TPR-DB as comprehensive, versatile and flexible as it is. The features are represented in 11 summary tables. Each of these tables represents a different aspect of the underlying raw data with different degrees of granularity. The tables can be generated via the management tool or via perl scripts. All tables are tab-separated text files.

A paper describing the features in the CRITT TPR-DB features can be downloaded from here.

If you have questions about the features, post your technical, methodological, and theoretical questions and comments here.

Below is an interactive table describing all the current features supported by the CRITT TPR-DB. You can search the table for specific features and filter for the respective table that you are looking for.