Memento Workshop 2019

Tuesday, 20th August 2019, hosted by MT-Summit, Dublin, Ireland

Over the last three decades empirical Translation Process Research (TPR) has been prolific in the generation of hypothesis and models, which were based mostly on insights drawn from from-scratch translation. More recently, TPR has also addressed - among other things - post-editing and spoken translation (sight translation, interpretation), and tried to come up with more comprehensive cognitive models of the translation process which are based on empirical data and include various dichotomies, such as comprehension/production, speaking/writing, human/computer assisted translation, etc.

Abstract Submissions:

The second MEMENTO workshop 2019 solicits contributions which explore new measures and approaches to quantify and integrate translation product and process data in various modes of translation – e.g. written translation, post-editing, sight translation, interpreting, etc. - and to assess the translation process in more detail and/or under a new angles. A one-page abstracts (300-500 words, exclusive of references and appendix) should be sent to the workshop organizers. Accepted abstracts will be made available in the MT summit proceedings and via the workshop website. They will be allocated a 20-30 mins oral presentation slot on the workshop

Abstract submissions must follow the Instructions for MT Summit 2019 Proceedings (see bottom of this page)

MEMENTO is an international research project which boosts empirical TPR and organizes yearly international ‘boot-camps’ and workshops. The first MEMENTO workshop was conducted in November 2018 in Beijing.

Important dates:

  • March 2019: Call for papers
  • June 3: Deadline for abstracts
  • July 1: Feedback for abstracts
  • July 17: Deadline for final abstract
  • August: 20: full-day MEMENTO workshop

Organizers: Michael Carl (, Silvia Hansen-Schirra (

Committee: Aljoscha Burchardt, Binghan Zheng, David Orrego-Carmona, Defeng Li, Fabio Alves, Haidee Kruger, Irina Temnikova, Isabel Lacruz, Joke Daems, Lucas Vieira, Masaru Yamada, Moritz Schaeffer, Sharon O'Brien, Victoria Lei