1. Don't wear loose or flammable/silky clothes in the workshop.
2.Never walk bare footed(or with slippers) inside the workshop,wear rubber-soled shoes
3.Don't wear half-pant or Capri in the workshop.
4.Never run nor play inside the workshop or any other laboratory.
5.Never operate any machine without proper training and supervision i.e, if you don't  know how to operate it and the instructor is not available to guide you at the moment.
6.Never touch moving parts,belts or rotating tools,etc.
7.Don't use defective tools i.e,you must inspect everything before starting any task.
8.Long hair must be tied properly.
9.Rings,necklaces(anything that can caught in rotating machinery parts) must be removed before using any machine.
10.Always wear eye protection and lab coats when using power operated hand or machine tools or while performing physical tasks.
11.Don't touch any live wire inside the workshop.
12.In case of fire,the electric supply should be disconnected you must know how to do this
13.Make sure that this work does not effect anybody else in the workshop.
14Don't bring eatables into the workshop.
15.Never indulge in reckless behavior in the workshop.
16.Don't keep any tooling or parts close to the edge of the workbench or table,from where it may fall and injure someone.
17.Don't lean or rest against any machine.
18.Don't talk to others while they are operating a machine.Similarly concentrate on your work and don't talk unnecessary while operating machine.
19.Don't leave tools or work parts on the table of the machine bed even if machine is not in the operation.You must clean the area used by you to prevent injury to others through slipping/falling.
20.Get first aid immediately for any injury you must always be aware of the location of the first aid box,fire extinguishers etc.Similarly,immediately inform the workshop instructor if anyone else get injured.

Remember:All equipment in the workshop is designed to cut through metal so any such equipment can cut through human body parts very easily if people are careless and violate safety regulations.Hence,students MUST follow all safety rules strictly in order to be allowed to use the workshop.if you observe any violation of safety rules that is happening or about to happen,you MUST take immediate action to prevent it and inform the workshop supervisor.

Non compliance with the above mentioned instructions will be taken very seriously and will lead to imposing a fine along with automatic failure in the course being taken by the student
by debarring the student from using workshop for the rest of the semester.The minimum fine for first offense is Rs 100 and will be determined by the workshop supervisor and committee(Drs. Prabir sarkar,Harpreet singh,Anupam Agarwal,Anshu Dhar Jayal).Under all conditions the decision of the workshop supervisor and committee will be final and binding.
In case any tools are found missing a fine consisting of the tool's replacement price plus 10%
extra charge on the price of the tool will be imposed on the concerned students.

Note: All workshop rules also apply to the spaces outside the workshop room,where students often work on projects when the workshop is too crowded.