We are just getting started and we are looking to connect with other local gardeners, educators, and others looking to  help grow a community for sustainable and balanced living.   In our activities, we support the principles of permaculture. Permaculture is an integrated and holistic systems approach to living sustainability. Based on the observation of nature, permaculture intends to restore the human, cultural and ecological landscape.

We are interested in discussing and exploring topics such as (but not limited to) edible landscapes, gardening, farming, renewable energy, green building, rainwater harvesting, composting, local food,  "green" living, sustainable economic systems, intentional communities.

PLEASE NOTE: Most of the resources compiled in this site are not original; we've done our best to credit the authors and link to all original sources.


Hopefully by Spring 2011, we will have one regular monthly meeting -consisting of a potluck meal/grazing, looking at a particular member's property [when daylight allows], discussing permaculture options and concepts and trying to solve at least one design problem for that member using permaculture.  We will also encourage opportunities for "community work days."  In the colder/darker months, we will focus on reading & discussing topics that support permaculture principles (plus potluck and discussion, of course).

Connecting with others:
Join our “growing” community.

 Our listserve will be the main communication tool for our new Central Valley Permaculture Group. We welcome anyone who is interested in and/or enthusiastic about permaculture.   And if we can't find the experts to share their knowledge, we will learn and cultivate the knowledge ourselves.  In this open forum, we exchange ideas, announce events, report back about events we have attended, share research and meet to demonstrate the application of permaculture principles in Fresno, Kings, Kern and Tulare Counties.

If you are interested in contributing to our website, programming an event,
or you are interested in learning about/teaching others about sustainable food systems, please contact 
sarah "at" behealthytulare.com

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