Surgical Instrument Manufacturers

The Central Surgical Company was formed by a team of surgical instrument makers from the old General Surgical Company and is now a well established production unit with over 45 years experience in the manufacture of instruments for the surgical industry and its allied trades.

All of our products, with the exception of the precision glass syringes, are manufactured, assembled, and tested within our North London based factory. Within our production setup here we have an ISO Class 7 cleanroom suite (which actually achieves ISO Class 5 in air particle testing) and a steam sterilisation facility.

This website gives a good overview of what the Central Surgical Company is all about, and what we are capable of. At the moment around 60% of our manufacturing is specific to customer's requirements and covers a much wider spectrum than that of the general surgical instrument range. We have shown some of these products on our bespoke range page as a further indications of our capabilities.

We are always happy to produce a quotation for new or variant work.