School Goals

  Many Hands, Many Minds, Success for All


Central School is an educational community that supports "Success for All" through continuous assessment, varied instructional practices, community involvement and shared leadership. We support diversity, partnerships and responsible attitudes by engaging many hands and many minds in the promotion of life long learning.


1. We value a thriving, positive school community where we feel safe, cared for and respected. We value responsibility for our actions and attitudes towards each other and the environment.

2. We value an education that enables each child to achieve success through the use of a variety of instructional methods that meet their learning styles and nurtures curiosity.

3. We value providing opportunities to empower the learning community, which includes, but is not limited to students, parents, community members and staff, to develop leadership qualities.

4. We value that assessment covers a broad spectrum of factors impacting the child. Assessment is a positive tool used to help the child learn; self assess and provide a basis for added support and instruction.

5. We value methods of early detection to implement strength-based approaches to meet every child's needs.

6. We value partnerships developed among school, family and community agencies with the common goal of enhancing student learning and success.
“It Takes a Community to Raise a Child.”


Central School will be a safe and respectful environment that promotes virtues, diversity and responsible attitudes.

The staff at Central School will respond to student's learning needs by providing a variety of instructional strategies to engage their natural curiosity.

Central School will be a learning community that encourages and promotes leadership opportunities for everyone.

At Central School assessment supports and challenges all members of our school community to reach their personal best by focusing on improved learning.

Central School is an environment in which student's needs are identified so interventions can be implemented to promote continuous improvement.

Central School is an environment in which authentic partnerships are developed with the community to enhance our student's opportunities to learn.


Mission: Chinook School Division provides an engaging environment that meets the holistic needs of children while achieving curriculum expectations.

Vision: Chinook School Division enables students to become knowledgeable and skilled citizens who contribute to and benefit from a democratic and prosperous society.

System Priorities:

a) Math Literacy
b) Reading and Communication Literacy
c) Technology
d) Equitable opportunities
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Keith Myers,
Oct 28, 2011, 2:03 PM
Keith Myers,
Oct 28, 2011, 2:03 PM