Adopt a Spot

Under Construction
The Central Regional Alumni Association (CRAA) has embarked on another larger scale project on our campus.  The site of our community garden will be cleared of existing weeds and groundhogs warrens and a 20 x 14 concrete pad will be poured to start this unique project.

During construction of the new football field, the old booster bricks were recovered and will now be reinstalled on this site, on either side of the poured concrete pad.  This project will be done in two phases beginning November 2017.

Final plans include two large recycled plastic planters for herbs used in the high school cafeteria, two cement eagles, and a picnic area.

To get involved, contact Eileen Giffoniello, chairperson Adopt a Spot, @

Community Garden Spot
The Central Regional Alumni Association’s Adopt-a-Spot project introduced a new COMMUNITY GARDEN in 2013 to help augment the local food banks.  The COMMUNITY GARDEN is directly next door to the Board of Education office behind the school.  A variety of vegetables and herbs were planted, and a new watering system was installed.

As you can see from our recent photographs... The Community Garden is thriving!   After a few weeks of groundhog wrangling, we were able to see some improvements. Ramapo tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, peas, eggplant, peppers, mint, basil, parsley, lavender, dill, oregano, onions, shallots and radishes are doing quite well. 

Community Garden Photos

Bruce Scarpulla- from CRHS Cafateria staff- has offered to work along side us in September with a link between the garden and the students. Michelle Ramsey- Special Services at CRHS has agreed to use the garden with the extended year students.

Volunteers are always needed during the summer months for weeding and harvesting.

Many thanks to our volunteers:
Sue Milkes, Diane Faiges, Jen Mullins, Ryan Mullins, Pam Pellieter,  Dainelle DeGennaro, and Mike DeGennaro and the CRHS Grounds Crew, lead by Sam Pepe

Again, during the summer months, June through September we will be harvesting and seeking volunteers.  The produce from this garden will be delivered to St. Joseph’s Food Bank, Morning Star Food bank, and Fishes and Loaves Food Bank.  Volunteers are also needed for vegetable delivery.

In additions to providing fresh, local produce to our food banks, the CRAA’s Community Garden will also be used as a teaching tool during the summer months for the extended school year students.  It is our hope to bring in special guest hosts to talk in the garden to our students.  If you have an interest in being a special guest of the garden, maybe by reading a story, doing a craft, or your area if interest; please contact our chairwoman Eileen Giffoniello at:

East Gate Spot
On April 21st, 2012 the Central Regional Alumni Association created an Adopt a Spot area at the East Gate entrance.
Under the supervision of Valerie Reynolds, chairperson and Eileen Giffoniello co-chairperson, along with school grounds crew and alumni, a beautiful area was created. Many thanks to alumni Jim Fosbre IV and his wife Honey for donating their time and the backhoe to turn over the existing ground. Others participating in the clearing and planting were Mayor Carmen Amato, Dr Tom Parlapanides, Sally and Bob Flanegan, Cheryl Altieri, Nancy Seibert, township personnel and Adrian Cangelosi CRHS Senior class adviser and students.

East Gate Spot